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Check out the Ronin S Gimbal

We loved Film Riot’s overview of the new Ronin S Gimbal Unit.

Check out their video and read below for more information!

Gimbals allow filmmakers on a smaller budget to shoot movement, action, and scenes in tight spaces without sacrificing the perfect shot. The new Ronin S from DJI is a great alternative to the Ronin M and even rivals the Osmo handheld unit.
The Ronin S is compact and can be operated using one hand, unlike the Ronin M. It sets itself apart from the Osmo in that you can mount cameras weighing up to 8 pounds! This unit comes in two pieces:

First, the actual gimbal, which creates those seamless and smooth camera movements;

Second, the handle, which also acts as the unit’s battery pack and works with a detachable stand; allowing you to set the unit down wherever you may need, while maintaining its mobility.

The Ronin S also comes with an app which allows for remote control of the gimbal’s movements. There are three different modes for movement which you can set manually or by using the app; an additional sports mode, helps capture faster action.

There is also a control that allows the filmmaker to pull focus on the gimbal itself – though only compatible with a few lenses at the moment, DJI is hoping to expand this feature in the future.

A handy trigger found on the unit’s handle allows, through either double or triple tap, the filmmaker to re-center his or her camera or switch it to selfie mode. Holding the trigger down locks the Ronin’s rotation.

The Ronin S charges up in only 2 hours 15 min and then lasts for 12 hours! Say goodbye to second and third backup batteries!

There are many new features and accessories coming soon, including a dual handle system, so if you prefer using both hands you can! An external focus monitor, and even a more general mounting system will expand the Ronin S’s uses.


The Ronin S Gimbal Merits a Close Look

Watch the following videos.

To reiterate, they are informative about its many features including 12 Hour battery life, the Ronin App etc.

The Ronin S Gimbal – Single Handed Stabilizer

Aug 14, 2018 | Ronin S Gimbal, Tech Gadgets, Tech review

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