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Amazing New Google “Self Driving” Bike .

Bike can be summoned  via Android phone to meet rider at GPS location.  One can program bike for amazing BMX type stunts. 100% safe for children.

Available first quarter next year.  Exact date in video attached

Amazing Android ap that translates animal speech to human.

Google Fiber, New Blue Gmail and more…



Best New Tech 2017

New Google Self-Driving Bike

Glasses free holograms on your smartphone.

Glasses Free 3D

Ok we were having some fun with Google above.

But these are real…

Glasses free holograms on your smartphone

Laser Razor

A vibration sensor connects to your phone and turns everyday objects into musical instruments.

Noza: A smart device stops you from snoring with out any discomfort.

New “laser razor” . cuts hair perfectly with no skin irritation.

Wearable button.  Send your exact location and distress signal.

Gadgets That Will Turn You Into A Superhero

  • The Human Torch:  Shooting fireballs from your wrist.
  • Spiderman:  Wall Climbing Backpack
  • Professor Xavier:  Mind Control Over Objects
  • Ironman:  Powerfull Exoskeleton


5 Cool New Gadgets

  1. Glove Turn Signal For Bikers
  2. Air-bar Turns Your Laptop Into A Touch Screen
  3. Foldable Mini Skooter
  4. Collapsable Water Bottle
  5. Wearable Remote Button Turns On/Off Anything

10 Really Cool Gadgets You Probably Didn’t know existed

  1. Foldable Screen Smartphone
  2. Smart Sun Glasses
  3. Personal Hovercraft
  4. Camera Contact Lenses
  5. Personal Robot
  6. Smart Plant Protector
  7. 3D Printed Cast
  8. Flexible Wearable Touch Screen
  9. Smart Refrigerator
  10. Gadget Reads Your Dog’s Mind
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