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Apple’s New Augmented Reality Platform

AR 101: The Basics of Augmented Reality

What exactly is augmented reality?

What exactly is augmented reality?

Senior Writer Jonathan Strickland explains what AR is all about and how using digital information in the physical world can transform reality around you.

Demo New iPhone 8’s Augmented Reality Features | CNBC

Augmented Reality Gaming On The New iPhone Platform

Apple Keynote Address 2018

First look at the Apple ARkit

This augmented reality tutorial is a first look at the Apple ARkit. We will use Unity 3D and the Apple AR kit unity package to create a zombie AR app. The SLAM tracking that Apple offers is incredible and I could not help but do this video. I hate doing things that are not cross platform compatible but this Apple AR is way too good to ignore. To follow along you will need Xcode 9 beta, IOS 11, and the newest patch version of Unity 5.6.1p1.

Preview: new Apple augmented reality apps for iPhone

Apple’s AR is going to be huge,’ says Apple’s Greg Joswiak

BEST 11 Top iOS 11 Apps, Augmented Reality

Playing with Apple’s new augmented reality platform

ARKit vs ARCore Side By Side Comparison

Apple’s augmented reality demo on iPad

Microsoft HoloLens Review, mind blowing Augmented Reality

Apple Park AR

Apple’s New Augmented Reality Platform

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