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Covid-19 Protection

Chelsea 28th Street Studio Covid 19 Guidelines

Chelsea 28th Street Studio has installed a new State-Of-The-Art Air Conditioning and air filtration system.  Fresh air for outside is filtered, cooled and silently introduced into the stage.

Chelsea 26th Street Corona Virus Guidelines


Facilities Team Actions:
Team members are following CDC guidelines for sanitizing and disinfecting all
common areas, especially high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms,
elevators, and studio gear. Contra will provide a cart with cleaning and
sanitation supplies.

Over the last few months weʼve upgraded the studios and our offerings to
provide clients with a safer shooting environment. In response to the current
pandemic we assessed that open floor large studio space are no longer

Chelsea 26th Street Studio’s response is to provide multiple private rooms separate from
the shooting area allowing productions to operate safely as a team on set.

All Studios can be viewed from separate rooms behind glass.

 Less Traffic.   More Privacy.   More Space.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their sacrifice over the past few
months to help make NYC a safe place to live and work. Hoping all of our clients,
friends and their loved ones are healthy and well.

Over the the past few months we’ve upgraded the studios and our offerings to provide
clients with safer, larger shoot areas with more privacy.


– By combining studio rooms, Chelsea 26th Street Studio will now maintain at most two studios
per 6000 sqft floor, 5 total, down from 7. That means more space, more
privacy, larger shoot rooms, and less traffic. We also added two cyc walls
and a second sound stage to our facility.

– Instead of one large studio room typical of most marquee NYC studios,
Chelsea 26th Street Studios has constructed multiple green rooms surrounding the shooting
space, each shoot room visible behind glass walls or glass doors. This gives
clients, talent, producers, and stylists their own private area and the ability to
watch the shoot without being on set. This limits people’s exposure working
in the same room inside with others all day, the primary way the virus is
thought to spread.

– Free upgrades for all shoots means we will give clients the option (based
on availability) to upgrade their shoot from a single studio to a private floor at
no extra cost.

– Why pay for premium studios in Manhattan that comes with just one shoot
area and no gear when you can have your own private 6,000 sqft locked
floor, with lights, grip, and multiple shooting areas?

New discounted rates
make it feasible for you and your clients to enjoy the privacy of your own
floor. Check out our website with floor plans to see which floor may work
best for you. Each floor includes two full studios, cyc walls, daylight area, a
soundstage, 5 private green rooms, private bathrooms, a kitchen, and freight.

– We’re limiting our staff to only essential people as needed on set (a studio
manager + digital tech). Each studio has a dedicated cleaning cart with
disinfectants, hand sanitizers, wipes, masks, and gloves. A digital
thermometer will ensure no one on set is running a fever.

Our staff is practicing SOCIAL
DISTANCING at all times, keeping
the recommended 6 feet of space
between ourselves and visitors.

Washing hands with soap and
water frequently throughout the
work day. We are constantly
cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
daily, before and after all shoots.

Avoid touching eyes, noses, and
mouths with unwashed hands. All
floors have multiple restrooms and
sinks, complete with soap and
paper towels.

Staff can provide gloves, tissues,
and other cleaning items as needed.
Please ask a Contra team member
for any additional supplies.

Staff is avoiding physical contact and
providing a touch free environment,
being sure to wear gloves and masks
when assisting clients.

We are providing disposable
plates, cups, and utensils for
working groups to avoid spreading
germs through re-usable items.

Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes,
no-touch disposal trash cans, and
other sanitation supplies will be
made available in every studio.

Chelsea 26th Street Studio D Green Cyc
American Movie Company: Picture of Bill Milling in circle with phone number 917-414-5489
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