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Sony LED Video Wall

Sony Electronics is well aware of the undeniable momentum stirred by the coronavirus pandemic, in terms of virtual production.  It seems that everyone is using Zoom and other platforms to maintain some connection with family, friends and, of course, business associates.  


In order to cater to the evident need, Sony Electronics has brought into the market, two-direct-view LED screens. One is the C series, modular with high contrast and the B series with enhanced brightness.

The B series came about to fill the creator’s needs.  Both Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Entertainment worked closely to develop it.  

The Crystal LED B series is an amazing accomplishment.  It is ideal for bright environments, given its brightness.  It renders the images truly realistic images and offers a varied color spectrum.  Their attention to detail will pay off.  They’ve even given this series a coating, an anti-reflection coating with a matte finish.  This is especially appreciated by the creative team of any production, and by designers.  Virtual sets and studio backdrops also benefit.


Of importance also is that above referenced displays are offered with two-pixel pitch sizes.  The image accuracy is much improved.  Even large scale imagery retains its integrity whether in close-up or at a distance.

Other specific highlights are various input signals, a rather wide viewing angle, an equally wide color gamut, etc.

From the start, these displays were designed to be all things to all men/women, if I may say so.  They are easy to install, they are flexible and built to last!  Note another valuable aspect – each display is comprised of bezel-free tiles that can scale to seamlessly fit varying sizes and different layouts.  Yet another characteristic is its streamlined design and let us not forget – it is lightweight.  Due to this, it lends itself to being installed easily whether mounted on the wall, or on a curve.


Theresa Alesso, an eloquent spokesperson for Sony Electronics urges us not to forget that “Sony has been creating unforgettable images and engaging experiences that empower and stimulate creators’ curiosity for over 60 years,”  She added:  “As we continually strive to get closer to our customers and solve their challenges, we’ve implemented the features and benefits that they value most in a direct view microLED display. The ease of installation, accessibility, flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership can further expand spatial expression– all with the outstanding picture quality proven by the original Crystal LED.”


These new displays pay for themselves for all the reasons outlined above.  Consider also that after purchase, given that there is a much lower power usage, and the user-friendly aspect – all this will be conducive to great savings.  In addition, another worthy-of-note aspect is its quiet operation.  Both Crystal LED C and B series are fan-less!  The AC power supply is 100-240 V.  Customers will be happy with this added plus.

Both series will be available to all by the summer.

Sorry to disappoint you.  I do not know how much this will cost.  

Sony has not yet announced pricing for these much awaited series.  

Patience is needed in this pandemic!  Stay safe!



Sony LED Video Wall

by | Jan 11, 2021

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