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The basic features

Skytronn Systems

We can configure our Skytronn Units to the needs of your production, the skill level of your crew and of course… your budget.

The concept is to allow a standard Interrotron which is designd to allow a director to have a  “face to face” conversation through the lens of the camera.

In the usual Interrotron setup, the director is across the room from the talent.

With the Skytronn System, the director can be across the street…

or across the country


Robotic / Rise & Fall Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Interrotron & Skytronn 4RU case - Skytronn Rental Prices

The Skytron System is expecially useful in the time of Covid when travel is dangerous or not possible.


The Interrotron takes the “terror” out of the interview by letting the talent talk to a human rather than a cold camera lens.


It also allows the director and talent to share a more meaningful interaction as they can read each other’s body language.


Infomercial directors and producers use both the Interrotron and Skytronn  as an effective as well as cost-efficient way to video testimonials.


Because the talent is put at ease right away the very first take is often the best one.  The eye to eye contact between director and talent leads to a more natural conversation.


The director can not only observe the talent face to face but because he is seeing exactly what the lens of the camera is seeing can observe crucial data, like framing, focus, depth of field, color saturation, etc.


Skytronn Plan & Pricing

Basic Skytronn 



$1045 per day


  • Director’s Unit 
  • Small Pelican Case with Skytron Mini
  • All Necessary Cables &  Adaptors.
  • Online Tech Support or in person delivery 
  • Note:  Units can be shipped via FedEx to you for 100% contactless operation or delivered and set up if location is Covid Safe.

Skytronn Rentals Can be Customized for Client’s Individual Requirements!

Please call to discuss 917-414-5489.

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Skytronn Rentals

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