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The first challenge is recognizing when your script is truly finished. It’s so easy to play in happy rewrite land forever, where your baby is safe from the world. But at some point, you

Script Writing

need to stick a fork in it and call it done.


Script writing amended for actors

So, let’s say you’re comfortable with your script’s readiness, but you’re still fearful. Discovering the source of fear is tricky, since every writer is different.

Fear of failure is the most common. The reality is, only 2% of scripts get recommends. So, this writer is already ahead of the game. But what this also means is 98% of scripts get a ‘pass.’ Should that keep you from trying? Hell no. All it takes is one ‘yes.’

Fear of success: I hear you scoff, “Why would anyone be afraid of succeeding?” Maybe it’s a fear of not being able to repeat the success in the next script. No one wants to be the one-hit-wonder writer. After writing Slavery by Another Name, I was terrified I’d never be able to repeat that quality. But, I promise you, if you are a good writer, you will write more than one great script. Believe in yourself.

Fear of jumping the gun: This specific screenwriter got a ‘recommend’ yet is still fearful he’ll blow his one shot at a first impression. To him, I simply say, “Breathe…you’re ready.” But for those who haven’t gotten coverage or feedback prior to sending out their work, you might want to pull back on the reins. It’s critical to have your script as polished as possible before you submit it to anyone.

Fear of the long road: There’s only one way to survive the ten years it’s going to take to break in: Manage your expectations.  Wait? Did she just say 10 years? Oh yes, that’s the first expectation you need to get a handle on. After many conversations with the great Unknown Screenwriter, we both agree it takes eight years to truly become a great writer and understand not only your craft, but also the business. The extra two years to break in is simply to get your w

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