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by Mia Thompson

Nikon Coolpix Digital camera

I bought this camera to take on a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. Our itinerary included lots of hiking, kayaking and just outdoor activities in general. Changing between the different modes on the camera is fast and easy, and all the settings for that mode are right on the same screen, so it’s so easy to quickly adjust a setting if you needed to. It’s a great little camera to have! I do have a couple of complain about this camera thus far. One, I took it to the pool and the beach already, I notice that each time, there is a little bit of water after I get home and try to load the pictures.

The ‘manual’ is stored in the camera, which was new to me, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out. All in all, I like that better because it saves resources, as well as the added benefit of a ‘tutorial’ scenario where the user can practice different shooting modes and methods, etc. I was given this camera as a birthday present just before my vacation to Thailand. To all the people saying how good the picture quality is, you must be working for Olympus! Consider that it is a point and shoot. I don’t think that you can get much better for under $300.

It survived a fall off the car hood @ 20 mph and worked. So I was excited to upgrade to this model for a recent Honduras trip. The USB cable provided is not like the old standard USB cable that you use for peripherals like your printer. The end you plug into your camera is a bit newer technology.

I highly recommend buying the extended warranty if you get this camera. This camera has many positive attributes that should make it attractive to the casual photographer or videographer (or even to serious hobbyists who might themselves unable to schlep full size gear). Go for it I liked this camera out of the box. The software is intuitive, the options varied and I took it to the tide pools right away and got some great super macro shots of marine life underwater. The camera is working, but apparently initializing provides the camera with valuable software” Or provides the computer with the software” So therein lies the problem. The picture quality is average at best.

I’m waiting for a reply on this. To their credit, Olympus tech support is prompt, once you get past the phone tree.

What can I say, a point and shoot camera with a dedicated help button says a lot. There are certainly a great number of options and modes to choose from. I have always enjoyed Olympus products. The Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 lives up to my expectations.

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This camera has got to be the most unintuitive point and shoot I’ve ever seen or used. Metal Garage Shelves.
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