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Canon Rebel Camera Review

The Canon Rebel Camera has existed for over 10 years now, and sadly has yet to significantly drop in price even for older models. The quality of Canon cameras even for their cheap similar price is undeniable and it’s popularity has not decreased even as new designs are released, even the original models still garner a 4 to 5 star Rebel camera review. A Canon rebel will run anywhere from $400 and up depending on it’s accessories, criteria, and if the camera is new or used. Though there are far more expensive DSLR camcorders in the range the Rebel has many fantastic features that make it worth the purchase value, especially for the budding photographer.

When trying to buy a camera the first thing to consider is what will you be needing the digicam for. In this case the Rebel has a wide variety of features that will appeal to many photographers. The Canon offers great results even with it’s default or automatic configurations, the noise free images are still detailed even with the higher sensitivities that this line offers.

One of the most frequently noted factors in reviews is that this camera is fast and user friendly. The battery life still is described as average with too much packaged bloatware attached the the basic camera drivers. Some have complained of a small viewfinder and that there is no alternative for a remote and that the contrast detection is too slow for regular photography without a tripod. Over all the camera is considered as the “affordable” DSLR choice for those looking into DSLR purchases. The camera does what it ought to do and it does it well so this is a good choice for a primary DSLR but many more experienced photographers will find the Rebel models lacking.

When looking to purchase a Rebel camera prices will vary determined by many factors. This can include shopping online vs shopping offline. Finding out if a store stocks the Rebel first before heading over could be advisable. For example on Best Buy website you can search for a Rebel, be presented with many choices but not all will be available in store. Fortunately the site will also be able to tell you what local stores have the camera in stock or even how long it will take to deliver to the store. The choice in models is more extensive online as they have both newer releases and older ones as well as second hand marketplace sellers. The free shipping can be an added bonus with prices starting from the $500 mark to about $1300 depending on accessories. Walmart also offers the same online and offline deals with free shipping to the local store if they do not have them in stock.

Other online stockists will have comparable prices incorporating sizes such as Amazon. However for those looking for a deal many turn to online auction web sites such as Ebay in an attempt to obtain a bargain. Though there are certainly deals to be found there is a warning that comes with any auction site. Speaking from experience, many sellers are not what they seem and things can arrive damaged or incorrect leaving the purchaser out of money and camera with little recourse. Checking seller feedback as well as thoroughly reading the listing is essential to make sure you will receive what you invest in.

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