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Canon EOS 1000D User Review

by Michael O’Callaghan

[/caption]The wedding was wonderful but it wasn’t until a few days later that I began to feel sad. No, not that my daughter had gone. Using my Kodak 290 during my daughter’s wedding I took nearly 200 photos but when I came to transfer them to my laptop just 9 were any good.

I needed a new camera so I went to Amazon and bought a Canon EOS 1000D. There’s no comparison between these two cameras as the Kodak had to be less than 10 ft to take a decent pic but the new Canon gets shots 50ft away with its auto-focus lens.

Since I’d been using the Kodak for years I was surprised at the lightness and easy handling of the new Canon. Once I got the camera I was baffled as to how to operate it, that was before I read the manual which made it a breeze to start taking pictures of everything.

The camera kit contains a 18mm to 55mm “Optical Image Stabilized” lens as standard. I took around 300 photos already and the Canons battery is still going strong. Like all these electronic gadgets the battery needs an extended charge the first time you charge it but after that you can give it a quick charge of an hour and your ready to start snapping again.

I always found it fiddly when it came to re-charging the Kodak’s 4 AA batteries but now its easier with Canons single battery. It makes life a lot easier when all you have to do is lift the lid and plonk the battery inside. The bigger the memory card in the camera the more photos you can take.

Raw Image Task will help you put that professional touch to all your photos once they are transferred to your laptop so you can produce some stunning results.

Getting another book besides the Canon manual seems like a good idea. The Dummies series do a book all about the Canon eos 1000D plus teaches you how to take excellent photos too.

Canon EOS 1000D rear view

Canon EOS 1000DNow that I’m a Canon owner I can take fantastic photos that all come out fully focused and looking great. With ‘shoot and click’ with the Canons autofocus its a piece of cake to take brilliant photos every time. Posters are not the sort of thing I would have thought of doing with my Canon but if it can do that what else can it do.

I was worried that the computer would not recognize the Canon but my fears were set aside by the computer finding the camera immediately without setting up the software first, amazing. My laptop being fairly new may be the reason the Canon showed up as fast as it did. It just appeared as if by magic.

Take it from me this is the best camera for the novice on the market today and I’d urge anyone thinking of purchasing a SLR to get this one if possible.

What a camera!  Canon EOS 1000D is picture perfect!
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