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The Sony A7R II vs Nikon D800 & Canon 5D

New Sony A7R2 Reviews

Sony ar7 II

Sony ar7 II

10 Reasons Why the Sony A7Rii is the best camera in the world

Sony A7R II Review by Jason Lanier

Sony A7RII vs 5D Mark IV Portrait shootout!

Which is a better option for portraits?

Sony A7RII vs Nikon D800 Portrait Shootout|

Lifelong DSLR shooter tries mirrorless Sony A&R||

Nikon D810 vs Sony A7RII

Field Rest Review

For photographers and filmmakers

Sony A7Rii | My transition from Canon to Sony

( first impressions )

Reasons Not to Dump Canon DSLRs for Sony AR7 II Mirrorless

Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R II

Review for photographers and filmmakers

Two of the cameras aiming for the top spot for photographers and cinematographers are the Canon 5D mk IV and Sony A7RII.

After shooting quite a few photo and video jobs with both, I want to dive deep into their strengths and weaknesses. Follow me: My blog post reviewing the Canon 5D w/sample photos:… DPReview 5D IV dynamic range tests:…

Nikon D810 vs  Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R II

Today on The Slanted Lens we’ve got a camera comparison for still photographers. We’re taking a look at the Canon 5D Mark IV, the Nikon D810, and the Sony A7R II.

Our goal is to get a direct comparison, so we’ve got native lenses and our settings are the same on each camera to see how each system inherently stacks up. Leave us a comment or head over to our FB page ( to let us know which you prefer.

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’. -Jay P.

Sony a7RII is the best full frame mirrorless camera in the world and it is even the killer of the new Canon 5DS R.

We all know that Sony a7RII is a spec monster and it has many great new features: 42MP, BIONZ X Image Processor, Internal UHD 4K Video & S-Log2 Gamma, 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization, ISO 102,400 and Silent Shutter Mode and more more more.

An Honest Review from a photographer switching over from a Canon 5D Mk III and Fuji X-Pro Systems to one of the most hyped up digital cameras of 2015, the Sony Alpha A7R Mk II Full Frame E-Mount Camera. Does it live up to the hype? Do I have buyers remorse? Watch the video and find out! Thank you Esperanza Creative for such a great production, for their work, check out For more of my work, check out or

5 Problems / Downsides of the Sony A7R II — A7R2

The Sony A7R II vs Nikon D800 & Canon 5D

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