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Political gigs most often use a presidential teleprompter.  

Candice Rankin Speech Coach

This is very very common.  Even those who like to pretend they can speak off the cuff rely on the good old presidential  teleprompter.  Politicians are all about the message — be it in speeches or spots — they talk and talk and very often, to guide them and help them stay on message, they use a teleprompter.  I had the pleasure of working with Dan Liljenquist, the Republican member of the Utah State Senate .

He resigned to run against 36-year-incumbent United States Senator Orrin Hatch.



Dan (if I may be so familiar)  is great — personable, well informed, and easy to work with. We chatted a bit between takes and I wished him luck on his campaign.

BUT, his political ideas are the polar opposite of mine.

Obviously, that doesn’t matter – a job is a job but it certainly is pleasant when the people involved get along and have an abiding respect for each other.  You don’t have to agree with someone’s politics.  It was a great gig.

Solace came in the realization that my working for him was, even in a small way, in support of the idea that we must work together in the world toward the common good — whatever that might be.  A major lefty like me working with a major righty was an expression of harmony.  At least that’s what I chose to think!


I am so looking forward to the use of  a presidential teleprompter in a political situation.  This is the year for it!

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