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For some bizarre reason, there is a idea floating around that no one in the history of the world used a teleprompter no less a presidential prompter before Obama.  Well obviously he is really good at it. It is an engaging, charismatic speaker, as is his wife Michelle (for whom we have had the pleasure of prompting for with on of our presidential units.)

The reality is the fact that virtually all politicians, executives, diplomats and in fact virtually anyone who needs to speak before an audience should use a presidential prompter.  It just releases one of the stress related to trying to memorize all those lines.  Then one can concentrate on giving the best damn speech possible.  Gone is the free floating fear that “I will screw up and forget my lines in the middle of the speech or I will suddenly freeze with terror and leave of the most importer people I’m supposed to include. Or I will call some one by the wrong same. Etc You get the idea.

It;s a well known fact that public speaking is one of the greatest fears of anyone anywhere in the world.  This is just a fact. So if a gadget can relieve even a part of that fear why the hell not take advantage of it?

Its ridiculously easy.  Just Google Presidential Prompter Rental, Or just Teleprompter Rental and you will find someone near you to rent from.

A presidential prompter consists of two glass mirrors suspended on thin metal rods on wither side of the podium.  The speaker can just look left and right to rad his/her copy and maintain perfect eye contact with the audience.  The Presidential teleprompter is virtually invisible to the audience.  Those who do see it often think it’s some kind of bullet proof glass.  Most don’t even see it at all.

They are concentrating on the person speaking.

The Presidential teleprompter often called the Presidential Prompter or Speech Prompter or in Europe the Autocue  which is a generic name for teleprompter.


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24/7 Emergency teleprompter Service NYC & LA

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