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Presidential Teleprompter Rental 


Speech Teleprompter Rental


Basic Presidential Teleprompter

$1395 That’s per 10-hour day with a senior live event operator.

Advanced Robotic / Rise & Fall Presidential Teleprompter

$1795 That’s per 10-hour day with a senior live event operator.

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    Presidential Teleprompter Rental

    We have prompted for every president and First Lady from Clinton to the Present.

    Please inquire about half day rates.  Please call our office at 646-340-6450


    Advanced Robotic / Rise & Fall Presidential Teleprompter Rental


    We offer the full NYC Speech Teleprompter Rental package.

    • Price includes a pair of Presidential Teleprompters/Speech Teleprompters
    • Prices include trained Presidential Teleprompter/Speech Teleprompter operator
    • Highest end Presidential Teleprompters on the market
    • Every Speech Teleprompter Rental comes with a backup computer with pre-loaded script and software for any unforeseen circumstance.
    • We regularly send Presidential Teleprompter rentals to A-List talent and public figures or to high-profile events.  Our operators are professional and trained to help talent who may be unfamiliar with teleprompter reading.
    PNG Graphic of a Presidential Teleprompter with its transparent glass displays.
    PNG Graphic of a Presidential Teleprompter with its transparent glass displays.

    1.For multiple speakers, the robotic prompter automatically adjusts to the correct reading height. No need for an assistant to rush out on stage and make adjustments.
    2.  The newer Advanced Robotic units have larger, sharper brighter monitors.  They are much easier to read, especially in bright stage lighting or outdoors.
     3..  If the event is “on camera” the prompter paddles are down and out of camera view until the speaker is at the podium for his/her close up.  Then when the speech ends the paddles retract as the speaker walks off with the Tv audience unaware that a prompter was used.

    Why use our Presidential Teleprompter/Speech Teleprompter Rental service?

    Our Presidential Teleprompter rentals (also known as the Speech Teleprompter) feature pairs of transparent glass screens on thin stands which flank the speaker. They display text in a way that is clear to the speaker but virtually invisible to the audience. Our Presidential Teleprompter Rental System includes dual monitors, a trained Teleprompter Operator, distribution amplifier, cables, software, and backup supplies. We deliver to NYC, LA, DC, and Miami.

    We are the largest teleprompter rental service in North America and take pride in our reputation. We regularly lease Presidential Teleprompters to UN diplomats, national politicians, corporate executives and A-List talent. Our past clients include Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Jeb Bush. Our Teleprompter Operators are used to working with such clients; they do so with comfort and professionalism.

    Because the Speech Teleprompter is usually leased for high-profile live events, our operators work with talent to bring out their best performance. Our operators can alter their Presidential Teleprompter’s text-scrolling speed with that of the speaker. They also work with talent beforehand to make sure they are comfortable and ready.

    Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the North American International Auto Show using our Presidential Teleprompter Rental

    The American Movie Company is in the “professional” motion picture business. We know not to give out business cards or attempt to solicit your clients.

    Thank you for considering our Presidential Teleprompter Rental/Speech Teleprompter Rental Services.

    Presidential Teleprompter rental at a charity event - Emily's List

    Our Presidential Teleprompter Operators Are Also Trained Speech Coaches!

    Hiring a Teleprompter Operator from the American Movie Company means hiring a trained Teleprompter Speech Coach. Every one of our Teleprompter Operators is trained to work with your talent to attain their best teleprompter performance. Within an hour before the event is set to begin, our speech coaches will determine your talent’s optimal reading speed and eye level. They will practice reading the Presidential Teleprompter script and make any changes necessary so that your talent sounds as natural as possible. We do everything we can to make a Presidential Teleprompter Rental from our company worth your while.

    Presidential Teleprompter rental at a charity event

    We offer Presidential Teleprompters with Robotic Height Adjustment!

    Ideal for events or conferences with multiple speakers!

    Oftentimes, conferences or speaking arrangements feature several consecutive speakers. When these speakers require Presidential Teleprompters, such events can become difficult. Speakers must be at eye level with the teleprompter glass to properly view the teleprompter copy. This means that our teleprompter operators must adjust the height of the Presidential Teleprompter every time the speaker changes.

    Every Presidential Teleprompter pair must be adjusted to the height of the speaker.

    Robotic Height Adjustment automates this process.

    Presidential Teleprompters with Robotic Height Adjustment allow for seamless teleprompter height changes. Our operators, who are trained as speech coaches, spend several minutes prepping their talent to attain their best teleprompter performance. This includes finding the perfect height for the talent’s eye level. With a standard Presidential Teleprompter, the operator would write down their talent’s ideal heights and hastily adjust the presidential teleprompter with every each change. With Robotic Height Adjustment, the Presidential Teleprompter itself remembers the talents’ optimal viewing heights (more precisely than our human operators) and will readjust instantly with only the push of a button.

    A Presidential Teleprompter Rental with Robotic Height Adjustment will ease your speakers’ experience, allowing them to deliver their best possible performance.

    Our Presidential Teleprompters in action:


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    The speaker’s perspective:

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