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Eva Guavera - Executive Speech Coach

Eva Guavera, Executive Speech Coach




By Eva Guevara

No matter if you are photographing people in a wedding, an advertisement campaign, a fierce fashion spread, family portrait, or just a headshot, chances are you are going to need your subjects to show a real human emotion. Throughout my own photography career, I have realized that only about 1% of people can turn on a fake emotion that comes across as genuine in the final photo.

The remaining 99% of the population have to experience an expression real time as it happens spontaneously.


Pose for Camera

Pose for Camera


Jasmine Star is one of the most successful and trend setting wedding photographers on the scene right now and she has created a great video explaining how she strategically fools her clients into “moving into a pose”. This technique can work with everyone from normal people to professional models, but where you will really see this sort of coaching succeed is with people who are self conscious and camera shy. Get them to focus on your funny personality or another human interaction around them and let your shutter roll!


Young Woman posing for camera

Young Woman Posing for Camera


Do you have any phrases or techniques you have found successful time and time again? Share them in the comments.

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