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Philly Standing Sets


The massive 3400 s/f garage has a 11’ roll up garage door for easy load in no matter the weather or time of year.

The client lounge offers a massive kitchen for catering or crafty and a large green room for talent.

The stage itself is 14’ to grid, the walls have been insulated to eliminate any outside noise and with acoustic paint applied to the surface, the ceiling offers sound dampening insulation to allow for the quietest recording.

Philly standing set -lounge
philly standing set green room
philly standing set offices

Kitchen Set

Our Philadelphia Prime Studios are located at our Port Richmond Facility.
The Space is massive and offers unique production options that are not readily available in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas.

Philly Standing set kitchen -green chairs &ref
Philly Standing set- kitchen set ,white chairs
philly standing set - dining
philly standing set-kitchen
philly standing set- center view
philly standing set side view

Interview Room Set

philly standing set living room
Philly standing set - Living room

Philly Studios Sound Stage


11,000 s/f Facility

2400 s/f sound stage

2400 s/f client lounge

3400 s/f garage & staging

LED Video Wall

Philly standing set raw space-white
Philly standing set raw space-door entrance

Our sound stage is designed to maximize your shoot days with your crew. Our garage is located at street level for simple loading and staging to start your day. We have constructed a state-of-the-art soft space to house your production team, clients, and talent while the sound stage crew builds the set. Green rooms and private production offices are located throughout the facility. Book with us and discover how simple shoots can be with our dependable crew.

Facility Details:


  • 11,576 sf facility

  • 2,400sf client lounge

  • 2,400sf sound stage

  • 14 ft ceilings

  • drive in capable

  • load-in stage door

  • concrete floors

  • customizable grid

  • 12 circuits on ceiling (20amp)

  • 2 lunch boxes (100 amp)

  • 26” HD Panasonic LCD Monitor

  • C-Stands

  • sonos stereo system

  • wifi

  • 3 smart televisions

  • record player

  • commercial reach-in refrigerator electric range (5 burners)

  • oven, dishwasher, sink

  • fully stocked coffee station

  • purified water cooler

  • temperature controlled wardrobe rack

  • 2 HMU stations

  • full length mirror

  • steamer

  • private set shop

  • 3 restrooms

  • production office

  • conference table

  • mac mini

  • camera feeds to production office & conference area TVs

Philly Studios Sound Stage Floorplan

Philadelphia Prime Studios Floor Plan

Philly Raw Space


1,060 s/f Facility

530 s/f Studio

530 s/f Loft Office & Studio

Chef’s Kitchen

Center City Amenities

Philly Raw space-white paint
Philly raw space-white

The first floor features a traditional studio space with a customizable grid and ceiling power. The studio is soundproof, and load-in is accessible from the street.
The second floor provides an office for studio shoot days or can be used as a loft studio. Contact us to receive the most up-to-date images of our loft studio space, as our inventory of furniture is constantly changing.

Facility Details:


  • 1,060 sf facility

  • 530 sf loft office & studio

  • sonos stereo

  • 12’ ceiling height

  • load-in sliding door

  • concrete floors

  • customizable grid

  • 1 lunch boxes

  • 26” HD Panasonic LCD Monitor C-Stands
  • system
  • wifi
  • 1 smart television
  • refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, sink
  • coffee station
  • purified water cooler
  • temperature controlled wardrobe rack

  • HMU station

  • full length mirror steamer

  • rest room

  • nearby: shopping district, Rittenhouse Square, public transportation, restaurants


philly standing set Floorplan -raw space

Set shop

The Philly standing set is capable of both designing and constructing your set. With a network of production designers on both coasts, we were able to draw on decades of knowledge to ensure that your construction takes into account all possible outcomes. Our construction team is capable of installing these designs on any of our Philly stages or sets.




Philly standing set- set shop
Philly Standing set - flatwindowflatdoor_columns
Philly standing set - bigwindowdoorbumpoutbigwindow
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