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Philadelphia Prime Studio

Our Philadelphia White Cyc is fully outfitted with spaces and amenities that will help your staff and on-screen talent rest and prepare for your shoot. The lounge is the perfect place to host your production crew and provide meals and beverages during breaks. Great care has gone into the comfort of your clients and talent in our Green Room, Producers Loft and Client Mezzanine. Shooting at Bud’s isn’t just about the studio space, our mission is to create an all-inclusive creative experience.

Philadelphia White cyc Stage
Philadelphia White cyc Stage

Each area of this studio has been designed specifically to be as versatile as possible. Giving you the capability to shoot in every area of the studio or turn any room into the space you desire. Every room of our studio has been set up with multi-use capabilities. Need an extra green room, additional client area, two dressing rooms? We can make it happen!

There are always several factors and details at work during a film shoot, but getting your gear into the studio won’t be one of them. Bud’s Studio features dual ground level 12’x12’ garage doors for easy load in and out. Need to drive-in? No problem! Our doors lead straight into the studio! Along with our garage doors, there are two private parking lots on our north and south side of the building!



  • 2,400 square feet of shooting space
  • 900 amps power
  • 40′ x 30′ corner cyclorama
  • 15′ grid
  • 12’x12’ drive-in garage doors
  • ARRI SkyPanel S60 cyc lights


  • 18′ wood top bar
  • individual temperature control
  • refrigerator and freezer
  • 12′ x 14′ garage roll-up
  • rolling beverage cooler
  • stainless steel sink with garage disposal


  • private toilet
  • individual temperature control
  • height-adjustable salon seating
  • Personal dressing room
  • color-adjustable vanity lighting
  • rolling rack


  • production monitors
  • seating with a view of the studio
  • private multi-use loft
  • outlets along the mezzanine for easy plugging in
  • coat hooks under the mezzanine.







Your crew and clients will have access to two fully secure private parking lots on site. Park grip trucks, vans, and personal vehicles right outside of the studio.
Utilize our double 12’x12’ roll-up garage doors to unload and load your equipment, props, sets, and wardrobe with ease!

Philadelphia White Cyc Floor Plan

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