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North Jersey Green Cyc Studio

North Jersey Green Screen Studio

Our state-of-the-art green screen studio, equipped with a 25 foot green screen wall designed by Uniset, can easily facilitate your video production needs. Green screen studio rental is available upon request.

North New Jersey Green Cyc

Our studio is equipped with a full lighting grid that ensures a well lit video when working with the green screen backdrop, and a range of equipment that will ensure you get a quality product. We also have the ability to offer our clients live video production services that can be streamed directly from our facility.

We are conveniently located off of NJ-17 in Paramus, NJ, within the New York City Metro area, which provides us with direct access to all of the amenities in the area. Our studios can act as an office away from your office. We have all of the facilities in house to ensure that you have the option to either take care of your business needs or endulge in the video production process. If you are interested in green screen rental in NJ, contact us at the form below, or feel free to give us a call!

North Jersey Green cyc Studio
North Jersey Green Cyc Studio

Our North Jersey Green Cyc Studio offers a rental to any potential clients hoping to utilize the space. Our studio is ideal for just about any kind of shoot you can imagine.

We leverage our range of equipment, expertise, and our space to create a production experience and video production that is second to none! If you are interested in knowing more about our equipment and how we work in our studio, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Due to our diverse clientele, we make certain that our range of equipment reflects these needs. Our studio comes equipped with a 25 foot green screen wall designed by Uniset, as well as a full, customizable lighting grid. We also have the ability to bring in any additional equipment based upon the needs of our customer.

Finally, our studio is equipped with a tricaster, giving us the ability to broadcast live productions. This is beneficial for the corporate client who needs studio rental for their corporate or internal communication video needs.

North Jersey Hair and Makeup station
North New Jersey Green Cyc Studios 1
North New Jersey Green Cyc Studios 2

Not only do our facilities have an extensive green screen set up, but also flexible production studio sets that our clients utilize on a regular basis. We have multiple sets that can be used for a range of different video productions. Additionally, if you need a custom space, we can create one that facilitates your needs!

Our production studio has the same overall functionality of the green screen studio. The range of equipment we carry in- house is sufficient to meet the needs of almost any client. If you have the need to broadcast live, our production studios have the same capability as our green screen studio to broadcast and stream content.

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