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News Desk 4K Virtual Sets

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News Desk / Talk Show 4K Virtual Sets 1

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American Movie Company / Jett Sets Technology

In our News Set / Talk Show set presented here, we placed a mannequin to show the key quality the way actor(s) / presenter (s) would look in our live composition.

Our studio has a  Sony F55 with a Cabrio Zoom on a jib.  This enables full X,Y Z axis camera travel as well as full zoom control live on our green screen stage.

All video is composited in real time into our 3D/4K virtual sets such as the one displayed here.

This is perfect for professional quality streaming which we are well equipped to do on site.

For a multi-camera shoot we can incorporate a second or third Sony f55.


News Desk / Talk Show 4K Virtual Sets 2
Virtual Sets News Desk Examples #3
Virtual Sets News Desk Studio #2
Virtual Sets News Desk Studio #2

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