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Before Sunrise Movie Review

Review by Xin Hu

We need a movie like this, not teaching us how to love, but letting us experience and think again and again…

It is so satisfied and also scared to watch a series of movies in which every line is what I am currently thinking and feeling about. And when you can really resonate with those dialogues, you will not think that the talking slots are so long. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have already become icons for couples. From 1995 to 2013, they use entirely 18 years to express the certain period of life experience. What audiences see is not only the natural communication and privity between those two lovers, but also feel the reality from the faces and body shapes of those two normal people.

For me, Before Sunrise means a romantic dream for every younger. Even though beauties always fade away too quick to appreciate, we still hope to have such an unforgettable experience, a fateful meeting, in a right place and with a right person. Night, till the dawn of the new day, is seen to be the most attractive and unreal time period for people who are still searching, but meanwhile lost into curiosity, confusion, and hurt given by surrounding environments and those they are loving or loved. It is a space where we think we can keep something from yesterday, but we have to and already step into the new “today”. Since those complex emotions and feelings are mixed together into nearly two hours, this two hours will never let you be bored.

Love stories always will let lovers meet again. Apparently, Before Sunset also continues the plot to convince audiences that love can always be there waiting for courage and timing. However, reencounterring is not so easy. Cause when you decide to change and turn back to grasp something that is missing in the past, people around you may suffer more than your gain. When you want to break a promise and make another, you should always consider whether you can undertake the feeling of guilty in the future.

Quarreling, yes, another main theme of marriage. Before Midnight has stepped into a setting emotional background and topic. People are always doing something hurting the one that is closed, because we are sure that whatever we do, they will still love us. However, we do not know that that kind of confirmation will be weakened by dishonesty and hurt day by day. And one day, when all the love is gone and just leaves pain and regret, the only thing that can persuade ourselves that it is all deserved is the memory.

Past midnight, once again, as if we met when we were sixteen…

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