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Lower Manhattan Podcast Studios

Our Services

Recording| podcast

In the NYC area? Choose from one of our four sound-treated studio rooms for an unparalleled recording experience. Need a Virtual Option? Our Production team has you covered, handling the tech and recording so you can focus on content creation.

coaching|podcast<br />

From hobbyists to professionals, we guide you confidently through every step of your podcast journey. Our experienced team combines industry knowledge and trends to provide tailored coaching for individuals and businesses alike.


Witness the magic! Our Producers and Sound Engineers collaborate to summon top-tier sound quality. From editing and mixing to mastering and sound design, our audio sorcerers make your podcast shine.


Navigate the podcast cosmos effortlessly! We’re well-versed in podcast hosting and distribution, helping you script titles, craft descriptions, publish episodes, and providing insightful analytics to fuel your journey.

Music| podcast<br />
Music, Cover Art, & Marketing Symphony

Compose your podcast symphony with original music, captivating cover art, and dazzling episode graphics. Need a grand Marketing overture or ongoing support? We’re your orchestra, harmonizing at every stage.

Our Stellar Studios

Lower Manhattan Podcast Studio

Studio 1

A cosmic blend of dark and light, adorned with dark blue and gold wallpaper.

Empire studio| Podcast<br />

Studio ️2

Step into the grandeur of a roundtable setup against a beautiful blue backdrop. Where your podcasting empire begins.

Liberty studio | podcast

Studio 3

A cosmic blend of dark and light, adorned with dark blue and gold wallpaper.

Book Your Podcasting Odyssey

Are you ready to take your podcast to new heights? Elevate your podcasting game with Lower Manhattan Podcast Studio – where every episode becomes extraordinary! Elevate your podcasting experience with our comprehensive services and state-of-the-art facilities.


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