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Loft Space Rental

Brooklyn Loft & Kitchen

brooklyn loft kitchen

Our main room is approximately 1400 square feet, with 12-foot ceilings and direct light all day from 61-foot windows facing east and south. It has an original steel cargo door, brickwork, high-end furniture, props, plants, and seating for eight at a solid-wood conference table. We have 9 ft of seamless paper and backdrops available for use. Colors include black, white, mocha, olive green, crimson red, and others.

brooklyn loft & kitchen- dining

Chelsea Library | Loft Space

This studio is ideal for photo shoots, both for magazines and catalogs, as well as for headshots and other small-image photo shoots. The studio is divided into three sections: the library, the antiques section, and the cyclorama. You can create completely different moods for your photographs in each zone.

Chelsea Library & White / green Cyc

Chelsea Daylight Studio 1

Chelsea Daylight Studio 1

The freight elevator accesses the space and gives quick access to the loading dock of the structure. Corporate events, product launches, seminars, trade and fashion shows, weddings, production holdings, and any other type of event are also possible.

Chelsea Daylight Studio 1

Chelsea Daylight Studio Loft 10

Loft 10 is an excellent choice for clients seeking both interior and outdoor space, with French doors leading to an 800 SF terrace (please call to check for availability). Loft 10 and Studio 3 can also be merged to form a full-floor rental studio. Loft 10 is commonly used for events, photography, film, celebrity interviews, and A-list client interviews. The freight elevator accesses the space, enabling easy access to the loading dock of the structure. This location is perfect for production check-in and holding.

Chelsea Daylight Studio Loft 10

Chelsea Daylight Studio Loft 9

Chelsea Daylight Studio Loft 9 visual

Loft 9, a huge open area that may be rented unfurnished or filled with materials from our internal props department, is great for numerous scene setups. The facility, which includes a fully functional kitchen, is great for still life and food shoots, as well as production check-in and holding.

Chelsea Daylight Studio Loft 9 visual

Chelsea Loft

In a swanky/speakeasy atmosphere, the Chelsea Loft is the place for individuals who like to host memorable occasions.Chelsea Loft provides special meeting, production, and event facilities. This accommodating facility offers 2,500 square feet of space for up to 200 guests and may accept multiple reservations.

Chelsea Loft

Hudson Yards Studios | Loft 4

Yudson Yards Studios

The building, constructed in 1910, was originally a stable for horses. The all-white floors, original tin ceiling tiles, great natural light, and white brick walls make it an ideal location for lifestyle photography and interviews. The loft is the best floor for sound recording. There is a 10-by-20-foot freight elevator with direct access to the loft.

Yudson Yards Studios

Chelsea East | Loft Space

Large, Quiet, Video Loft Studio,12′ Ceilings, Grid, Grip & Lighting,Full Kitchen, Wardrobe/Makeup Room, Living Room,Chroma Green, White, Gray, Black, Chroma Blue, Backgrounds,1 Gb Dedicated Fiber Internet

Chelsea East Studio Living Room
Production Studio - white interior, white sofa with two orange pillows - sideboard with candle holder against a large painting on the wall, large art book on top of the brown table

Soho Daylight

Village Daylight Studio

In the heart of Soho, creative studio space is available for rent at an affordable price, allowing professionals from many professions to work with ease and freedom among magnificent natural light.

Village Daylight stairs

Astoria Moroccan Tile

Astoria Moroccan Tile - elegant sofa, header

A spacious, loft-style photography studio in New York with Moroccan tiling, a textured yellow wall, and a high podium.

Astoria Moroccan Tile - natural lights of sunlight
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