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PAX East Video Game Convention Live Stream

Boston Video Game Competition WebCast

Teleprompter Rental Boston


Boston Seaport World Trade Center - flags
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PAX East – Convention Interior

A peek at gamers at play

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PAX - Desk rows - guy with earphones
PAX - Interior - desks - sleek
Boston Seaport World Trade Center
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PAX East 2018 Boston


We at American Movie Company were kept busy and still managed to have a great deal of fun at this year’s Boston PAX East in Boston this past weekend. Our Teleprompter Operator worked at the PAX Arena. This is the place where true fans can watch the most intense, fierce, dedicated, brutal, uninhibited, merciless sports aficionados compete from around the world. The various events were broadcast live on Twitch and other platforms to thousands, perhaps millions around the globe.

By the way, an interesting fun fact. PAX was originally known as Penny Arcade Expo. It was created by the authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic simply because they dreamed of attending a show exclusively for like minds who yearned to see a festival dedicated to gaming of all sorts. PAX is now a series of festivals in various cities unabashedly dedicated to the gaming culture. It exhibits arcade gaming, tabletop gaming and video gaming. Participating cities are Boston, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Melbourne!


This much-awaited festival, which by the way was first held in 2004, is a yearly celebration of all things game culture related. Concerts are widely attended. Everyone looks forward to exploring the exhibitor booths where both independent and major game developers and publishers vie for your attention and moolah.

Now for something completely enthralling – the Omegathon! It is a tournament involving randomly selected attendees who compete for a grand prize. Past winners? You too will be impressed. Halo 3, Pong, Skeeball and Tetris.

Next year Melbourne! I can dream can’t I?

Now feast your eyes on some pics of from PAX in Boston at the Convention Center.

Boston Pax interior
Boston PAX Convention Center interior - chandelier
Boston PAX convention inside - chairs
PAX Convention Boston - interior - people in background, flag, signs
Boston PAX - Live Streaming screen
Boston PAX - inside - Arena signs - cranes
Arie close up


This is the third year I attended PAX East in Boston and am already making plans to return next year.  My role this time was as a Teleprompter Operator.  Colleagues did WebCasting.  We are all young at heart and so enjoyed all the games.  The weekend flew by – am now busy editing footage from this and other gigs.  I love it.

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