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Live Streaming Video Production Company

Simple Budget-Friendly HD Video Live Streaming

Live Streaming Video Production Company LIVE

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Live Stream HD Video to your network.

No WIFI? We have a TVU Bonded Cellular solution.

Small to large scale productions.

Satellite van for remote Live Streaming.

FlyPacks for all your needs.

Live Stream and TriCaster rentals.

Live Streaming Video services.

4K Switching, Capture and Streaming.

Live Streaming Video Services Company | New York | Los Angeles| Miami | Toronto | Philadelphia | Washington DC | San Diego

Live Stream HD Video To Your Network.

Go Live easy.

Would you like to know more about the American Movie Company’s Live Streaming Video Production? Check out our WebCasting page here!

We are…

…a Live Streaming Video Production Company and much more.  Our reach extends to most media markets in the US and Canada.  Prominent among them are New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Toronto.

We are proud to provide high quality live video prooductions.  We continue to strive to be the best.  




We make…

…it easy for you.  We have the experience and the newest technology.  High Definition Video Live Streaming to the social platform of your choice is virtually in our hands.  We make your live events accessible to anyone worldwide.  

 Make connections that last! 


Live Streaming Video From a Remote Location? No WIFI?

Live Streaming Without WIFI

Live Streaming from Wherever.

You choose the where! We’ll Live Stream from there!

Find Out More About Our Video Streaming Services Here!

We have the solution!

Go Live! from anywhere, with our TVU Cellular bonded solution. Broadcast live HD video from wherever your event happens to be.

We can WebCast in full HD over LTE cellular networks. In addition, we supply land-based ethernet systems for fail-safe Streaming from any location.

Forget about the perceived limitations of WIFI and Live Stream from or to any continent to the end of the world!  Given travel restrictions these days due to the coronavirus pandemic – stay home safely and travel virtually!  Adherence to Covid-19 protocols is strict.  Our imagination soars!

Whether you’re at sea or up in the air,  you can Go Live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or any other social platform.   Dare to explore! 

A Live Streaming Video Production Company to Accomodate Large, Medium, and Small Events.

How Big An Event Is It?  Live Streaming is Limitless!

You may Live Stream a concert from a huge stadium, or Live Stream a meeting from a small conference room.  We can meet you production needs.

We can tailor and customize our WebCasting packages to do just that.  We will do everything within our power to ensure that all elements, such as budget, size of production, location etc. are considered and discussed fully.  Our staff and yours work closely together.  This trust is conducive to a wonderful, successful end product.  Go Live!

Are you unsure?  Have further questions about Live Streaming your event?

Give us a call to get answers.   917-414-5489


Live Streaming Fashion. Model.

Set the trend! Are you a new designer eager to introduce yourself to the world of fashion? Are you an established designer? Live Streaming from the runway during fashion week is a must! We’ve got you covered!  We’re the go-to Live Streaming company for New York’s Fashion Week.  We’ve worked for top designers and established brands.

Live Streaming corporate events. Buick.

Are you launching a new product? Or perhaps you’re updating your brand? Perhaps you need to communicate via conference with remote corporate branches in other states or countries. We can be of service and Live Stream any event to your desired viewers.   

Live Streaming concerts. Concert hands closeup.

Music is the universal language!  Given the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences in the world of concerts, social networks such as YouTube and Facebook have exploded.  Other venues are in abeyance.  American Movie Company and its Live Streaming divisions can help you reach your fans worldwide.  Your audience is out there!  Perhaps you can… no… without question, you can reach a much wider group of avid and loyal fans around the world.  Attendance, virtual attendance, will shatter records!  

Live Streaming Sports.

Welcome sports fans! Welcome to the arena of sports from the comfort of your couch, beer or soda and snacks in hand.  Be thankful that you can still see your favorite team or individual athlete  play to your heart’s content.  The American Movie Company can play too!  Actually, it’s not a game… it’s quite serious!  Consider Live Streaming your child’s soccer, baseball, football, tennis game to family and friends given the limitations on attendance by Covid-19.  Live Stream these important moments to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. and share in the joy of sportsmanship. Life lessons learned through sports.


Live streaming a Wedding.

When we say major events, we most certainly include this particular blissful day.  Live Streaming a wedding is the perfect way to share that special occasion with everyone you’d like to invite anywhere in the world. Your guests can still send gifts to celebrate your union.  Federal Express and Amazon profits are through the roof!  Your gift to friends and family lasts forever!  Memories are made of this!  Allow them to witness both the ceremony and ensuing celebrations.  

Live Streaming Birthday Party.

There are certain dates that become part of our collective memory.  Holidays, both religious and national, are worthy of special attention.  Live Streaming the celebration of the sweet 16 party or the equally important Bat/Bar Mitzvah will cement your love for those children experiencing such milestones.  No one should be excluded and Live Streaming such an event makes friends for life.  It is so important to share.  Tempus fugit!  Make time stand still a while longer!

Live Streaming Social Events.

If you’re planning a social event in this age of omnipresent social media and you’re not Live Streaming it, something is amiss!  No matter what it is, I am absolutely certain you don’t want to mark it alone.  The purpose is to share, to experience it with friends, family and fellow workers.  Convey your thoughts or inform your targeted audience by Live Streaming the event.  Increase your following and spread your message.  Go Live! .

Live Streaming Religious Events.

One’s faith is personal.  Yet, it is best celebrated in the company of others.  Why gather at Houses of Worship?  Churches, synagogues, Muslim temples have their devoted congregants and faithful followers.  Their presence in these structures and their shared belief is contagious and offers them solace and shelter from the storm.  In 2020 gathering at such places became political.  Live Streaming the rituals, masses, baptisms etc became a desirable way of, what else? keeping faith!

Satellite Van for Remote Live Streaming Video Productions

We are a  Live Streaming Video Production Company on wheels!  We can go to any location to WebCast your event.

We provides a versatile and reliable service.

We have Live Streamed HD Video from helicopters, boats, vans and automobiles!  There is no location off limits!

We follow Covid-19 regulations. 

Explore the terrain.  Hitch a ride with us. Let us WebCast your event.

Watch our WebCasting Reel Here!


Satellite WebCasting Van,

Live Streaming Video FlyPack Rental


FlyPacks. Switcher encoders. BlackMagic 4K FlyPack.

Live Streaming Video TriCaster Rental

TriCaster Rental.

These units set a professional and cost-effective standard, for portable, Live Video Production and WebCasting HD Video.

Call us! Our production coordinators are here to help!

Do you have questions about our Live Streaming Video Production Service?

Bill has the answers! 

Email us!  Specify the details of your project and  someone will reply promptly.  

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