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By Paul Mischeshin


Interrotron On Dolly

Sometimes here at the American Movie Company, we get to be part of brand new cutting edge shows with incredible networks.  SYFY (formerly Sci-Fi Channel) is such a recent client.

We were hired to provide an Interrotron for them.

So, what’s an Interrotron? | Interrotron Rental


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Teleprompter Rental logo for American Movie Company

With an Interrotron, an actor standing in front of a camera can see the image of the director on the glass of the teleprompter type device in front of the camera.

The Interrotron operates sort of as a teleprompter, only instead of seeing a script, the actor in front of the camera can see another person,  in this case, the director.  It’s a calming way to have a conversation with that actor in front of a camera without his/her  feeling like they’re in front of a camera.  It’s a great device for any actor that doesn’t have a lot of experience.  With the Interrotron they give really natural performances while having a natural conversation with another person.

In the new show, we worked with some fresh talent who had some fascinating obsessions.  Typically, people with stage fright aren’t necessarily outgoing.  In fact, they tend to be introverted.  So, helping them overcome their natural tendencies is important for the success of the shoot.  Using the Interrotron, we had that opportunity.  We got to watch them burst out with their enthusiasm for their passion and do so on camera.

The fun part of these gigs is to watch the talent really shine because they free themselves up with a conversation.
Isn’t that what we all want from talent, to give them an opportunity to shine forward and succeed?

It’s fun to be a part of that success.

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