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Errol Morris Interrotron Rental

Errol Morris is credited with the invention of the original Interrotron.  The newest iteration of the device, The Mark IV, is now available for the first time in North America from The American Movie Company and Teleprompter

Errol Morris Interrotron 1

Errol Morris | Interview | TimesTalks

Errol Morris Interrotron 2

AMC Producer, Laura Williams explains the Interrotron.

The devive crates a litteraly face to face conversation between the director and tallent.  This relaxes rhe talent and allows him/her to look directly into the face of the interviewer.

As the inventor, Errol Morris, intended you get a more immediate, honest response.

And ofetn get wht you want on the first take.


Errol Morris Interrotron 3

DFA 2015 | Masterclass | Errol Morris

Errol Morris Interrotron

by | Jul 24, 2016

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