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Rental NYC

Face to face interviews with direct camera eye line.

  • On camera interviews with ease
  • Trained Interrotron operators
  • Ideal for untrained talent

Interrotron Rental

$1195/DayInterrotron Mark III


 Interrotron rental package.

  • Price includes a trained operator
  • Every rental comes with two Interrotron units, one for the director and the other for the talent
  • A second camera and tripod, monitor and hood
  • Ideal for camera interviews with young and/or untrained talent

Robotic / Rise & Fall Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Interrotron MARK III - young girl seen on screen

What is an Interrotron Mark III  and why do you need one?

An Interrotron works like a teleprompter that shows the director’s face as opposed to the script. With an Interrotron rental, talent can have face-to-face conversations with the interviewer while simultaneously looking directly into the camera.

An Interrotron rental will greatly improve the screen presence of untrained talent. 

The device was invented by documentarian Errol Morris for his interviews with children and other non-professional talent. The Interrotron’s name combines the words interview and terror because it makes camera interviews more comfortable, especially for untrained talent.

Interrotron rentals are one of our most popular services because they help directors get footage faster, saving time and money.  Just imagine the difference between answering questions into a camera lens and speaking with your interviewer face to face.


Need a long-distance Interrotron? Click here.

Interrotron Rental - our Interrotron Mark 4 being used for an interview at Nascar
Our Mark IV being used for interviews after a Nascar race.

Interrotron Mark III


Talent Unit:

  • 19″  HD 16X9 Monitor
  • HDMI not VGA
  • Optical Quality Mirror
  • Professional Gold Plate Autocue system
  • Two sliding camera plates on 15mm rod system
  • Fits all professional and prosumer cameras

Director’s Unit

  • Professional Camera Monitor
  • HDSDI, HDMI, Component & Composite inputs & passthrough.
  • Reversible image capable
  • Second tripod
  • Professional HD 1080 P Camera
  • Optical Quality Mirror
  • All cables, connectors, etc.
  • Works with all professional and prosumer cameras

Road Warrior or Skytronn

Click on the image for more information


The Skytronn is an Interrotron at a distance.

The director can be across the room or around the country.

Skytronn Giff

What is an Interrotron?

The Benefits…

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