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Interrotron & Skytronn Setup For Zoom


  • Talent is in one location and the director/producer in another.  Across the street or across the nation.
  • The talent looks into the camera and sees the face of the director or producer.
  • The Director/producer looks into his/her laptop and sees the talent.
  • Note: the shot the director/producer sees is through-the-lens of the main camera, often a 4K/8K professional camera.
  • The net effect is that the two parties are having a natural “face to face” conversation even though they are miles apart.



  • Picture: An HDSDI cable comes out of the main camera shooting the talent.
  • It goes into the Skytronn Ultra Box.
  • Video comes out of the box HDMI and goes HDMI into a laptop running Zoom or Bluejeans, Webex, etc. (We call this the “local laptop”.)
  • The Skytronn Ultra Box converts the signal to 720p and allows the laptop to see the video signal as if it were from a webcam.
  • The Zoom application (or Bluejeans, Webex, etc.) needs to be set to use this input as a video source.
  • Note: the Skytronn Ultra Box is powered only by a USBC cable.  So, the laptop needs to have a USBC input.  New Macs and most newer PCs have this.  If yours does not, use a converter.
  • The Zoom image created by the camera in or with the director/producer’s laptop is seen at the other location. (Where the talent is).  The Zoom image of the director goes out of the local laptop via HDMI and into the monitor of the Interrotron.
  • Sound.  The sound from the director/producer goes from his/her laptop to the local laptop via Zoom.  So, the local sound department needs to arrange for the sound to reach the talent without creating feedback.  Some sound recordists use an earwig, others a speaker with a “push to talk”, etc.  Ideally, the sound comes out of the local laptop to the sound recordist who  sends it to the talent and whomever else needs to hear it.
  • The talent sound must  go into the local laptop to the Zoom application.  This is done by your sound recordist. It is heard by the director/producer in the usual way with Zoom.
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