White Cyc
Chelsea studio can have white or green cyc - interior

Chelsea Prime White Cyc Studio

  • Our Flagship Soundstage
  • Full Lighting & Grip Gear
  • Silent Air Conditioning
  • 30 MB Dedicated Fiber
  • Tricaster & Live Stream FlyPacks


White Cyc Studios


Convenient NYC Locations

  • Choice White Cyc Studios
  • Full Production Capacity
  • Live WebCasting
  • Attractive Packages

Excellent White Cyc Stages Available

↓Chelsea North  ↓Chelsea South

White Cyc, an abbreviated form of cyclorama, also referred to as cyclorama wall or cyc wall, was popularized in German theaters in the 1800s. The use of a curved or seamless background partially encloses the stage or form an endless background.

Sometimes called the Infinity Background, this theatre tool enables film or theatre producers to create an endless array of special effects. For example, a good lighting designer can create the effect of floating on a sea of clouds while models or actors perform.

As one background expert referred to White Cyc as being in a giant egg, this industry tool has become a necessity in the television, film, photography and broadcast media world. American Movie Company provides access to great White Cyc facilities to get your job done well.

We are ideal for:

  • TV & Internet Advertising
  • Film Production
  • Music Video
  • 4k Resolution
  • Live WebCasts with real-time Green Screen Compositing
  • Visual Effects
  • Medical Advertising
  • Product Stills
  • Digital Enhancement
  • High End Photography
White cyc studio - interior

American Movie Co Chelsea North Green Screen Studio

Chelsea North White Cyc Studio

229 West 28th St., NY

Map or floor plan of the studio

Pre-lit Kino Flo lighting
Full grid
Hard White Screen
Live WebCasting with real-time Green Screen Compositing

White cyc dimensions:

25′ wide
20′ long
12′ high

Full production space dimensions:

45′ wide
35′ long
12′ high


L-Shaped Green Cyc, 25’ x 20’
700 sq./ft. production space
1 x Large Green Room / Production Room
2 x Make-up Rooms
1 x Large Utility Sink


Check out our Chelsea North Green Screen Studio page for more options

American Movie Co Chelsea South White Cyc Studio

Chelsea South White Cyc Studio


229 West 28th St., NY

Map/ floor plan of the studio.

Hard White Cyc is 21′ deep by 21′ wide

Soft Green Cyc available at no additional cost.

Hard White Screen

Live WebCasting


White Cyc dimensions:

21′ wide
21′ long

Full production space dimensions:

21′ wide
42′ long
12′ high

All White Cyc Studio Rentals include:


  • 3 Kino Flo Image lights 45 (4’x4′)
  • 1 Kino Diva 400 lights
  • 2 1K Desisti lights
  • Seinheisser Laviere mics
  • 2 Medium rollers
  • 8 C-stands
  • 15 A-Clamps Superclamps/J-hooks
  • 10 sandbags
  • 4 autopoles Speedrails
  • Various Umbrellas
  • Seamless Paper (Green, White, Blue, Black)
  • Various Back Drops
Check out our Chelsea South Studio page for more options.
Flatiron white cyc studio
Green Room - sofas, chairs

Flatiron NYC White Cyc Sound Stage

  1. Grip & Electric
  2. Large Green Room
  3. 100 MB Uplink
  4. WebCasting | TriCaster / Live Stream
Interior - white interior - sofa against the wall
Interior white - large - graffitti

Brooklyn Drive-in Stage


  1. Ground Floor Vehicle Access
  2. Can be Painted Green
  3. Green Pop-ups for Car Karaoke
  4. Grip & Lighting Available

WebCasting at all American Movie Stages


  • Professional FlyPacks
  • TriCaster Certified Technicians
  • Dedicated Uplink
  • Up to 10 Camera Live Streaming
  • 4K Streaming Ability
  • Stream to Multiple Locations Live.
White van - AMC logo - Flypack in front of it
AMC Producers Michael and Laura sitting in front of green screen