American Movie Company: Tribeca Soundstage Panaromic View

Tribeca Soundstage Panoramic View

Newly Refurbished Tribeca Sound Stage

Live Streaming Video / Webcasting Stage Tribeca

Call Bill Milling 917-414-5489


Ground floor shooting space is 32′ wide by 54′ deep with 18′ to the ceiling.  Entire loft is a beautiful triplex located just off Broadway and one block south of Canal Street.  Space can also function as a holding space for shoots in the area.  Note:  Space is now empty and UNFURNISHED.


Great holding area for Cortlandt Alley.


Loft is right next to the best film location Alleyway in NYC – Cortlandt Alley.


Please call Bill at 917-414-5489 or Jocelyn at 646-617-6535


Cortlandt Alley Film Location, NYC

Cortlandt Alley Film Location NYC

American Movie Compamy Tribeca Soundstage Rear

Tribeca Sound Stage Rear

Elemack Dolly with hydraulic Jib & Ronford Head

Elemack Dolly with Hydraulic Jib & Ronford Head


Makeup Station - Loft

Loft – Makeup Station


Film & Video Loft Location Tribeca, NYC


  • Full bedroom sets

  • Newly renovated bathrooms perfect for skincare and bathroom shoots.

  • Full commercial kitchen perfect for cooking shoots and catering

  • Full living room and dining sets

  • Makeup and hair areas

  • Celebrity green room

81 Walker Street with ground floor access to street and Corlandt Alley.

Tribeca Sound Stage & Loft

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