Tribeca Soundstage & Loft

American Movie Company: Tribeca Soundstage Panaroma

Tribeca Soundstage Panorama

Newly Refurbished Tribeca Soundstage

Ground floor shooting space is 32′ wide by 54′ deep with 18′ to the ceiling.  Entire loft is a beautiful triplex located just off Broadway and one block south of Canal Street.  Space also can function as a holding space for shoots in the area.  Note:  Space is now empty and UNFURNISHED.

Great holding area for Cortlandt Alley.

Loft is right next to the best film location Alleyway in NYC. Cortlandt Alley

Cortlandt Alley Film Location, NYC

Cortlandt Alley Film Location NYC

American Movie Compamy Tribeca Soundstage Rear

Tribeca Soundstage Rear

Elmack Dolly with hydraulic Jib & Ronford Head

Elemack Dolly with hydraulic Jib & Ronford Head


Make Up Station Loft

Make Up Station Loft


Film & Video Loft Location Tribeca, NYC