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Celebrity Friendly Studios

The Two Minute Talk Show webisodes were shot entirely at our studio with the AMC crew. The Virtual sets were created by our digital effects artists and and the editing and composite work was done by our staff. Additionally, guests on the show at our studio were Jerry Lewis and Bill Maher.

AMC Studio Prompter On Location
Hugh Jackman Michelle Obama President Barack Obama
Mike Huckabee President Bill Clinton President Bill Clinton
Bill Maher Ben Stiller Vice President Joe Biden
Martin Short Iman Secretary Hillary Clinton
Jerry Lewis Diane Von Furstenberg Michelle Obama
Denis Leary Oscar de la Renta Kirsten Dunst
Toni Braxton Hugh Jackman Chelsea Clinton
Diane Kruger Richard Branson  Martin Scorsese
Elaine May Michel Sidibe, Under Secretary General of the UN  Hugh Jackman
Eliot Spitzer Ruben Blades  Alec Baldwin
General Mark Clark Rupert Murdoch  Donald Trump
Gov. Jesse Ventura Lenin Moreno Garces, Vice President of Ecuador  Criss Angel
David Alan Grier Donna Karan  Naughty By Nature
Ice T & Coco Suze Orman  Afrika Bambaata
Cynthia Nixon Ebele Jonathan, President of Nigeria  Odetta
Linda Carter Yoko Ono
Mario Lopez Ruben Blades
Ruben Blades Edward Norton
Naomi Watts Tina Fey
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Marlo Thomas
Richard Belzer America Ferrera
Ruben Blades Elaine May
Suze Orman Stanley Donnen
Tina Fey Nicole Kidman
Afrika Bambaata Naomi Watts
Antoine Dodson Alec Baldwin
Liam Neeson Linda Carter
Suze Orman Tim Pawlenty
Brian Greene Martin Scorsese
Dick Cavett Antoine Dodson
Kelli O’Hara Brian Cox
Sigourney Weaver General Wesley Clark
Whoopie Goldberg Brandy
Linda Carter Governor Andrew Cuomo
The entire cast of “GLEE”
Amanda Peet
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