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News Desk Rental & Set Design for TV Talk Shows

A Variety of News Desks and Talk Show Set Options

News Desk Rental NYC - newscasters facing to the camera

Practical News Desk Rentals are $1900.00 including chairs/stools, and delivery of $375.00

This is one of many available news desk / news studio combinations.  The desk is practical.  You can put a cup of coffee / laptop, etc. on the top. 

The front of the desk is virtual and customizable with client’s logo, etc.  The back walls are virtual and can be customized easily.

The main camera is a Sony F55 4K and is jib mounted for maximum flexibility.    Additional 4K F55’s are available on sticks or SteadiCam.

Everything is composited live so that that you have  final composited scenes in real time as you shoot.

TV News Studio

TV News Studio 01
TV News Studio 01-03
TV News Studio 01-01
TV News Studio 01-02
news desk
news desk
news desk with a group of newscasters seating

3D/4K TV News Studio Virtual Set & News Desk

Call Bill Milling 917-414-5489

TV studio

3d/4K Virtual News Desk & News Room #1

News Desk - Big News TV Studio  with Presenters Rigged 3D model

Virtual 3D/4K News Desk & News Room #2

Virtual #D/4K News Desks & News Room #2

Breaking News 3D/4K Virtual Set #4 with Virtual Desk

Breaking News 3D/4K Virtual Set #4

3D Talk Show 2 Virtual Set

3D talk show 2 Virtual Set

Sports News Desk 3D/4K Virtual Set

Sports news 3D/4K Virtual Set

News Desk Set Sound Stage NYC | 3D/4K Virtual News Desk & News Room

Jan 30, 2017

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    News Desk Set Sound Stage NYC | 3D/4K Virtual News Desk & News Room 1
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