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Ultra Studios

New York 16,000 SF Sound Stage | Green Screen Cyc | White Cyc

Stages and Production Eligible for 40% NY Tax Incentive

Drive-in Studio | Huge Scenic Workshop | Amazing Amenities

Newburgh, New York – 60 Miles from Times Square

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Ultra 16,000 sf Soundstage. Huge empty stage with lighting grid


New York’s $420 million film incentive program is one of the best in the nation. The New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development (MPTV) offers film, television and commercial production and post-production tax credits for qualified expenditures in New York State.

Ultra Studios Green Screen Cyc . Huge two walled green cyc

Both Green and White Cyc Stages have a full grid and 15 Light Dimmer Panel

Ultra White Cyc Stage with bicycle in front
Cyc Lighting Package Includes: $1000 Day Grip & Electric Packges
1 ETC 24/48 Channel Dimmer System
10 2k Space Lights Standard Studio G&L Package $500 DAY
5 Mole Richardson Bi Color LED Space Lights
All necessary electrical and DMX cables.
We will work with you on your budget

Ultra Studios’ Rate Card

16,000 SF Film & Video Main Stage Main Stage 1600 Sf Optional Ad Ons
Studios Eligible for 40% Tax Incentive Rental Includes: Landline Phone $30 month
Post Services Eligible for 35% Tax Incentives Hair Room Security $210 for 8 hrs
Sound Proof Stages Makeup Room Back Lot $100 to $300 day
Green Cyc Six Dressing Rooms Wardrobe Suite with Laundry
White Cyc Catering Room Full Kitchen / $200 day
Drive In Stage Lounge Catering Space
Production Office Space Senic Flats $75 each
Scene Shop Main Stage All inclusive Rates
Six Luxury Dressing Rooms Daily Rental $2,500 + Electric
Green Rooms Weekly Rental $12,000 + Electric
Full Kitchen
Large Seated Dining Area Green / White Cyc
Grip & Lighting Available Daily Rental $1,000
Construction / Scenic Shop Production Office Space $1600 Week
Included: 3,920 sf Includes:
Dedicated loading dock Internet
Studio Tool Kit Furniture
Cleaning Services
Fee Per Day $500 + electric Kitchen Access
Fee Per Week $1200 + electric 5 Day, 10 Hr Shift: Front Desk Reception
35 Security Cameras
Ultra Enhanced Environment VER . Green Screen Environmenr
Huge Ultra Studios Scene Shop
Command Center _ War Room . Large conference room
Ultra Studios huge Kitchen
Ultra Prep Kitchen Chairs, Cooking spaceTables, refrigerator,
Ultra Office 550 with 4 Separate Desk Stations
Ultra Studios Make UP. area with lighted mirror and chair

New York 16,000 SF Sound Stage | Green Screen Cyc | White Cyc

by | Aug 11, 2018

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