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Kitchen Set &
Event Space 

Shoot Kitchen / Studio Spaces NYC

  • Full Size Kitchen
  • Daylight Studio
  • Add-on Options
  • Overtime Available

Email us at  [email protected]

For a cost estimate and booking information.

Please call our Senior Production Coordinator for any questions  you may have.

Leah Sammak – 646-340-6450


Union Square Kitchen and Stages

Kitchen - boy preparing a food
Floor plan
Studio - two people are talking
Interior - big windows - lots of chairs

Why Use Our Kitchen Event Space in NYC?

This space is an over-sized, pre-lit, fully-equipped (in both cookware and production equipment) kitchen production studio. Adjacent to this studio is a large event space for presentations; it can double as a lounge depending on how we furnish it. Large windows in the event space allow for our clients to choose between natural light and our (artificial) lighting packages. Our kitchen comes ready for any cooking production or event.


Our Daylight Kitchen Set:

  • Full kitchen
  • 72′ brick wall
  • 16′ ceilings
  • 15′ windows
  • Daylight studio
  • Photo loft
  • Gas stove
  • Production-ready kitchen
  • Photo studio
  • Raw loft

Downtown Brooklyn Shoot & Prep Kitchen, Portable Kitchen Setups

 Prep Kitchen
Floor plan

A fully equipped prep and shoot kitchen.

Gourmet Kitchen rental with gorgeous stainless steel counter tops and appliances. 

Includes a Viking 6 burner gas stove with convection oven.

Refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and sink.

 Spotless Full Size Gourmet Kitchen and Food Prep Area.

With 7ft by 7ft windows for beautifully natural daylight and 17ft high ceilings.


Pots, pans, small appliances including cooking/dining utensils, food processor, blender, and a KitchenAid Pro Mixer all included in the kitchen rental.

An excellent resource for delicious looking cooking videos and food photography. This is a modern air-conditioned studio with wi-fi access,  plenty of extra outlets and a monitored security system.Bathed in natural daylight by day and a contemporary Sputnik Chandelier by night

Portable Kitchen Setups!

Completely customizable and movable kitchen setups, perfect for clients in need of multiple kitchen aesthetics.

You now have the ultimate freedom and creative control over the look of your shoot. With multiple in-house textured backgrounds and the ability to set up your own backdrops, these customizable kitchen setups will accommodate your every need.

  • Portable Cooktops, Stoves and Oven Ranges are all fully functional.

  • All large kitchen items are on wheels and easily interchangeable.

Chelsea East – Kitchen and Loft Space

Chelsea East – Kitchen
Dining Area
Dining Area
Living Room - couch, center table
Makeup Room - with two people talking
Studio - lots of people standing around

Kitchen Event Space NYC

by | Apr 21, 2016

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