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Brooklyn Green Screen | White Cyc Studios

Large Green Screen Stage | Large White Cyc Stage

Brooklyn Prime WebCasting Studios


Please call Bill at 917-414-5489 or Leah at 646-340-6450

AMC WebCasting Reel

Stage 2 cyclorama . large two walled white cyc

Studio 2 Rental $2500 for ten hours.  In House Grip & Lighting Additional

It is suggested you scout the location and give us a lighting list and we can quickly return a firm bid.

Stage 2 green-room-nyc-Lounge chairs, couch, kitchen

Studio 2

(Sound Insulated)


  • 5000 square feet
  • 40’W x 28’D two wall cyc
  • 14′ ceilings
  • Lighting grid above cyc
  • Sound insulated with huge elephant doors
  • VIP Green Room for talent or client comfort
  • 900 amps of electricity
  • Street level drive in access
  • HMU and styling areas
  • Conveniently located in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Prime Green Screen - Studio 3

Studio 3:

Studio 3  | Three Wall Cyclorama Green or White

Studio 3 is 24′ x 60′ with a 3 wall cyclorama (24′ by 25′). Brooklyn Prime Studio 3 is 1500 sqft of shooting space. It’s a 3 wall cyc which is 24′ by 25′.The stage is fully sound insulated with 600A of electricity and can come pre-lit upon request.  Height is 11.5′ to the grid.

Brooklyn Prime Equipment Room shelves with grip and lighting gear

Sound Insulated Stage with Drive-In Access

With street level access through a 11’x11′ roll gate, you can drive directly on to the stage! This studio is perfect for car shoots, or any large production requiring a cyclorama. Our massive sound insulated elephant doors protect your shoot from any street noise.

Studio 3 Green Room . Re Couch, white walls , table and chairs
brooklyn-studio -4 . Three walled white cyc
Studio 4:

Two Wall White Cyclorama

Studio 4 is 23′ x 60′ with a 2 wall cyclorama (22′ by 25′). The stage is sound insulated with 600A of electricity and can come pre-lit upon request. This stage has private access to the outdoor shooting area.

Studios 3 & 4 are $1900 for ten with grip and lighting (list below) and $3000 for ten for both (4500 SF total).

Lighting and Grip included in Stages 3 & 4
Lights on the grid (lighting the cyc)Grip:
4x 1k Zips7x C-Stands, 5x 40” Grip arms
2x 2k Spacelights1x Low boy stand
1x 4×4 Silk
Lights on the floor:1x 4×4 Solid
1x 4ft-4 bank Kino Flo, Tungsten balanced bulbs1x 4×4 Floppy
3x 1k Fresnels, Tungsten1x 2×3 Silk
1x 650, Tungsten1x 2×3 Solid
2x nets (1x single, 1x double)
Power:10x Sandbags
600A, via Cam-Lok dropsClamps:
10x Spring Clamps
Power Distro:2x Mafer
1x 600A Distro Box1x Duck Bil
2x 100a Lunch Box2x Cardellini
1x 25’ 5 wire Cam-lok Cable3x Baby plates (3”)
2x 25’ 100A Bates Cable
6x 50’ Stingers (to lights on grid)Appleboxes:
5x 25’ Stinger1 x Apple Box Family
(1 full, 1 half, 1 quarter, 1 pancake)
Studio 3 Production Team: Video crew and high end cameras on tripods
Brooklyn Prime Soundstage Floor Plan

Green Screen Studio | White Cyc Brooklyn 212-219-1075

by | Mar 26, 2018

Green Screen Studio | White Cyc Brooklyn 212-219-1075 1
Green Screen Studio | White Cyc Brooklyn 212-219-1075 2
Green Screen Studio | White Cyc Brooklyn 212-219-1075 3
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