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Brooklyn Prime Super Stage

Huge White Cyc Stage

A 7,200 sq ft space with a 35’x 25’6” one wall cyc, complete with a full lighting grid.

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Brooklyn Prime Soundstage Studios 5 and 6

Conveniently Located In Bushwick, Brooklyn

Studios 5 and 6 are equipped with 30 tons of silent HVAC to keep your crew and clients cool in the heat of summer and toasty warm in the dead of winter.

The stage is located in a large facility with ample space for your production. The two stages can be rented independently or in tandem for simultaneous multiple set ups. Both stages have separate entrances and are sound isolated from each other.

Amenities include:

  • Two HMU / green rooms for talent, clients, or for production.
  • Easy load-in through our loading dock
  • A large empty room perfect for catering, holding, or the production office.

Studio 5/6 is one large private studio that you will have exclusive access to for your shoot, no sharing with other productions. You are welcome to pull your vehicle into our loading dock, park in our parking lot upon request, and there is also free on street parking available on our block! Oh, and the parking lot is perfect for shooting outdoors under a controlled environment.

All Brooklyn Prime facilities are qualified for the New York Film Production Tax Credit

New York’s $420 million film incentive program is one of the best in the nation. The New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development (MPTV) offers film, television and commercial production and post-production tax credits for qualified expenditures in New York State.

If you are producing a feature film, pilot, or a television series, you may be eligible for a fully refundable base line credit of 30 percent of qualified production costs incurred in New York State. Brooklyn Prime is a Qualified Production Facility (QPF), participating in the New York State Film Production Tax Credit Program. All of our Brooklyn Prime soundstages are qualified for the tax credit, and we can discuss the process with you.

Studio 5: White Cyc Stage

One Wall Cyc

Studio 5 is a 7,200 sq ft space with a 35’x 25’6” one wall cyclorama. Complete with a full lighting grid inside a sound insulated shooting area, the options are limitless for this space! With a water hook-up available in the space, it’ll help make your water gags simple. No running a hose from across the street!

The cyc can be painted for green screen or your choice of color, simply provide us with a color sample. The stage has 900amps of electricity delivered through Cam-Lok drops with an additional 1200 amps available in the basement.

Studio 6: Green Cyc Stage

One Wall Cyc

Studio 6 is a 1,000 sq ft space with a 25’ x 20’10” cyclorama. With 480amps of power and 16’ to the grid, it is perfect for many types of shoots. Additionally, it is just steps away from the loading bay which allows for easy load-in!

Of course, Studios 5 and 6 are right next to each other and can be booked in tandem!

Brooklyn Prime Super Stage Floorplan

2 Isolated Green Rooms

Fully Equipped with Hair and Makeup Stations and Private Bathrooms.

Cozy sound isolated green rooms. Designed  to be a refuge from set for your VIP talent, your clients, or a functional workspace for your production team.

It has blazing fast 150/150mb Fios Internet to keep you connected, and powerful AC and heat for crew and client comfort.

Brooklyn Prime Super Stage

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