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Chelsea 28th Street Studio


White Cyc, Green Screen & LED Video Wall Rental


Music Video Studio Rental

Chelsea 26th Street Studio D Green Cyc
Chelsea 26 Green Cyc Three Wall Green Screen Soundstage

Studio B

Three Wall Green Screen Sound Stage


$1950 Ten Hour Day

  • 11.5 Ceilings, 23′ Wide
  • Lighting Grid
  • Prelit Green Screen
  • Grip and Lighting included
  • Power
  • Studio manager
  • Large Greenroom
  • Hair & Makeup Room
  • Kitchen Access
  • Freight Access
  • High Speed Internet
  • 120 amps / 3 phase electric
  • WebCasting Available

Three Wall Green Screen Sound Stage | Two Wall White Cyc

Call us 917-414-5489 or Email us at [email protected]

chelsea 26 white cyc stage
chelsea 26 two wall white cyc stage

Studio A

Two Wall White Cyc Stage


$1950 Ten Hour Day

Rental Includes:

• Studio manager

• Pre-lit hard white cyc

• Grip and lighting package

• Power

• Makeup station

• Green Room

• WiFi

Studio A White Cyc Stage Features

Hard White Cyc Studio

Kino Lights

Extensive Add-on Options

Attractive Packages

Feel free to hire our crew, use your own, or mix and match. Studio includes lighting, audio, and production gear, as well as crew for hire.


Overtime is 1.5x your fee per hour

Chelsea 28th Street Studio  – Studio A & B Floor Plan 

Studio A

Two Wall White Cyc Stage

$1950 10 hr day

  • Two wall white cyc
  • 21′ X 21′ Cyc
  • 11.5′ Cielings
  • Quiet: suitable for video
  • Three Image 45 Kino Lights for the CYC
  • 5th Floor Rear of the building
  • 26th Street between 6Th Ave and 7Th Ave.
  • Large Greenroom
  • 2nd Large Greenroom / Lunch at]rea
  • 2 X Mair & Makeup Rooms
  • Kitchen Access
  • Storage Closet
  • Grip & Lightiung included
  • 1 GB wired Internet
  • Freight Elevator
  • Studio Manager
  • WebCasting Available


    Studio B 

    Green Screen Soundstage

    • Green Screen Stage
    • Noseam Paper Backdrops
    • Wardrobe Room
    • Hair & Makeup Room
    • Greenroom
    • Freight Elevator Access
    • Kitchen Access
    • Photo Gear Available
    Chelsea 28 Floor plan

    Included With Stage Rental


    Foba Stands in each studio

    10 x C-Stands with arms

    2 x Short C-Stands

    10 x Sandbags

    1 x Medium Roller

    1 x Small Roller

    1 x Studio Stand (Foba)

    4 x Autopoles

    1 x 12’ speedrail

    1 x Mini-boom

    2 x Apple Boxes

    8 x A-Clamps

    2 x Duckbill Clamps

    2 x Cardellini Clamps

    6 x Mafer Clamps

    6 x Gobo Heads

    2 x J-Hooks

    4 x V-Flats

    8 x Stingers

    4 x Power Strips

    1 x Rolling Rack

    1 x Steamer

    2 x 6’ Ladder


    Green & White Cyc Pre Lit

    2 x Kinoflo 4×4 Bank Lights

    2 x Kinoflo 4×2 Bank Lights


    27″ IMAC w Lightroom

    10x White Resin Folding Chairs

    8x Folding Tables

    2x Director Chairs

    2x KRK Speakers

    Available For Rental


    ARRI 1.2K HMI
    ARRI 2.5K HMI
    ARRI 4.0K HMI
    200 W Joker Bug Kit (includes lamphead, head cable, ballast, scrim set, lens set, & barn doors)
    400 W Joker Bug Kit (includes lamphead, head cable, ballast, scrim set, lens set, & barn doors)
    800 W Joker Bug Kit (includes lamphead, head cable,ballast, scrim set, lens set, & barn doors)
    ARRI Fresnel Kit
    ARRI 1K Fresnel
    ARRI 2K Fresnel
    Lowell DP
    Arri Sky Panels S120, S60, S30
    Arri M8, M18, M40
    Leko Lights
    Kino Flo
    Litemat Systems
    AAdyntech JAB Variable V2



    • Photek Diffusers (Sock) Sm Med or L
    • Sound Devices 6-Channel Field Recorder
    • Sennheiser Lavs
    • RODE ntg-2 Shotgun Mic
    • Zoom H4n Handy 4 Track Recorder


    • Broncolor Para 220 (w/ Profoto Adapter)
    • Broncolor Para 133 (w/ Profoto Adapter)
    • Chimera XX-Small Lightbank
    • Chimera X-Small Lightbank
    • Chimera Small Lightbank
    • Chimera Medium Lightbank
    • Chimera Large Lightbank
    • Chimera Speedring
    • Chimera Superpro Sm Strip Bank
    • Chimera Superpro M Strip Bank
    • Chimera Superpro Lg Strip Bank
    • Chimera Soft Grid for Sm Strip
    • Chimera Soft Grid for M Strip
    • Chimera Soft Grid for Lg Strip
    • Chimera Fabric Grid for XS Lightbk
    • Chimera Fabric Grid for Sm Lightbk
    • Chimera Fabric Grid for M Lightbk
    • Chimera Fabric Grid for Lg Lightbk
    • Chimera Small Lantern 20”
    • Chimera Large Lantern 30”
    • Elinchrom Midi-Octa
    • Elinchrom Octa Bank
    • Photek Umbrella Small
    • Photek Umbrella Medium
    • Photek Umbrella Large
    • Photek Diffusers (Sock) Small M or L
    • Profoto Umbrella White Med 41”
    • Profoto Umbrella Silver Med  41”
    • Pro Big 5
    • Pro Big 7 

    WebCasting Available

    Camera Rental:

    BlackMagic 6K, RED Weapon, FS7
    Teleprompter Available
    Other Rentals Ronin
    Freight Elevator Yes – Freight Hours 9 to 5 (Freight Op Lunch 12 to 1,Weekend Freight No)
    Gear on Passenger OK
    Steamer & Iron
    Wardrobe Space

    We are ideal for:




    4K Productions


    Special Effects



    Digital Compositing


    Optional add-ons include:

    • BMPC 6K 
    • Sony FS7 Camera
    • Ursa Mini 4.6K
    • Rokinon T 1.5 Prime Lenses 14, 24, 35, 50, 85
    • Nikkor 70 to 200 Zoom
    • Canon 24 to 105 Zoom
    • Sony PMW 250 Cameras 3
    • Miller Tripod & Head
    • 24″ Professional Camera Monitor
    • Ronin Camera Gimbal
    • Green Treadmill
    • Additional lighting package
    • Fully equipped 4K editing suites
    • In-house Editor
    • Teleprompter & Operator
    • Interrotron & Operator
    • WebCasting with crew

    White Cyc, Green Screen & LED Video Wall Rental

    Studio - White Cyc - lights - crew

    Why Rent Chelsea 28 th Street Studio White Cyc Stages?

    Chelsea 26th Street Studio is our NYC white cyc video production facility located in Lower Midtown, Manhattan. This hard white cyc studio offers a bright, relaxing atmosphere, ideal for extensive photography shoots and video shoots. While the majority of our clients rent this space for video production and photography, many utilize its atmosphere and spaciousness for fashion showcases and casting.

    Our in-house studio manager comes complimentary with every rental. The white screen stage features a hard 20 foot corner cyclorama wall. Studio rentals come with our included lighting package (detailed below). Our post-production room features 4K editing suite.

    Chelsea 26th Street Studio is also equipped with a 5.1 Quested Digital surround sound system. Located in Chelsea, New York, this studio is in proximity to a large selection of restaurants and hotels, and is within walking distance of all major subways.

    Also check out our other white cyc stages Here!


    Live Streaming Video at Chelsea 28th Street Studio 

    AMC Webcasting Flypack in twin 4RU cases on rolling cart

    Crew for Hire:


    Please call for cost estimates – Bill Milling – 917-414-5489


    WebCasting with Operator

    DP/Camera Operator

    Camera Operator/AC/DIT


    Sound Recordist – Fully Equipped

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    Chelsea 28th Street Studio
    Chelsea 28th Street Studio
    Chelsea 28th Street Studio
    Isabel Scoliard
    Bill Milling

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