Chelsea South White Cyc Studio

Located in Chelsea, New York

  • Hard White Cyc Studio
  • Kino Lights
  • Extensive Add-on Options
  • Attractive Packages
Studio - White Cyc - lights - crew

Why Rent Chelsea South White Cyc Studio?

Chelsea South is our NYC white cyc video production facility located in Lower Midtown, Manhattan. This hard white cyc studio offers a bright, relaxing atmosphere, ideal for extensive photography shoots and video shoots. While the majority of our clients rent this space for video production and photography, many utilize its atmosphere and spaciousness for fashion showcases and casting. Our in-house studio manager comes complimentary with every rental. The white screen stage features a hard 20 foot corner cyclorama wall. Studio rentals come with our included lighting package (detailed below). Our post-production room features 4K editing suite. Chelsea South is also equipped with a 5.1 Quested Digital surround sound system. Located in Chelsea, New York, Chelsea South is in proximity to a large selection of restaurants and hotels, and is within walking distance of all major subways.

Scroll down for complete specs on all options for production rentals at Chelsea South

Chelsea South Studio

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Hard White Cyc is 21′ deep by 21′ wide

Soft Green Cyc available at no additional cost.


All White Cyc Studio Rentals include:

  • 3 Kino Flo Image lights 45 (4’x4′)
  • 1 Kino Diva 400 lights
  • 2 1K Desisti lights
  • Seinheisser Laviere mics
  • 2 Medium rollers
  • 8 C-stands
  • 15 A-Clamps/Superclamps / J-hooks
  • 10 sandbags
  • 4 autopoles/Speedrails
  • Various Umbrellas
  • Seamless Paper (Green, White, Blue, Black)
  • Various Back Drops

Hard White Cyc is 21′ deep by 21′ wide

Soft Green Cyc available at no additional cost.

Optional add-ons include:

  • 360 Video System
  • Ursa Mini 4.6K
  • Rokinon T 1.5 Prime Lenses 24, 35, 50, 85
  • Nikkor 70 to 200 Zoom
  • Canon 24 to 105 Zoom
  • Blackmagic 4K Cameras (3)
  • Miller Tripod & Head
  • 24″ Professional Camera Monitor
  • Skateboard Dolly & Track
  • Ronin Camera Gimbal
  • Green Treadmill
  • Additional lighting package
  • Fully equipped 4K editing suites
  • In-house Editor & Assistant Editor
  • Teleprompter & Operator
  • Interrotron & Operator
  • WebCasting with crew

Crew for Hire:

$650/Day: DP/Camera Operator $400/Day: Camera Operator/AC/DIT $400/Day: Gaffer/Grip $500/Day: Sound Recordist – Fully Equipped $450/Day: Makeup Artist

* 1080 Chelsea South 5th Floor Plan

Note on the 5th Floor Plan:

 The Green Room wall connected to Studio A will be removed, making one big studio space.

Chelsea South 6th Floor Plan


122 W 26th St., NY

Our Chelsea South Studio for Photography & Video Shoots

This pre-lit stage is usually kept white but can be quickly painted chroma green, blue or any other desired color. Additionally, there is a large cloth green screen which can be pre-hung and pre-lit. Note, this is not just green fabric, it’s professionally produced green screen material from Chroma-Key. It is a special green foam fabric that hangs free of wrinkles and holds the light beautifully. The stage is pre-lit and comes with extensive grip and lighting gear, power, make-up area, green room and studio manager. We also offer a great deal of additional high end camera gear available as well such as the RED Dragon and Alexa Mini. Jimmy Jib and Ronin, both with skilled operators, are available at Chelsea South Studio. Upstairs from the stage is the American Movie Company 4K edit and post production VFX center.

All AMC stages are available with highly experienced professional video crews.

There is a small additional cost to paint a different color than the current one but no cost to hang and pre-light the Chroma-Key green screen material.

We are ideal for:

  • Commercials
  • Fashion
  • Editorial
  • 4K Productions
  • Advertising
  • Special Effects
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Head Shots
  • Digital Compositing
  • Casting

American Movie Co Chelsea South White Cyc Studio

Chelsea South White Cyc Studio

by | Apr 21, 2016