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360 Video is destined to be the next big thing in technology.





360 Virtual Reality is perhaps the single most anticipated and exciting new breakthrough in the world of video.  It’s a totally immersive experience leaving the viewer with the sensation that he/she is actually present within the video itself. The perception is not just the familiar feel of watching a movie, computer or TV screen.

It is set to revolutionize the media world with applications not only in the obvious arena of gaming, but in cutting-edge commercials, how-to videos, music and dance forms as well as drama.  Yes, VR producers/directors are, even now, creating long form narrative structures in the new 360° Video format.

The following video is “Look Through Mowgli’s Eyes” – THE JUNGLE BOOK 360° Video.  It can be viewed on your computer by manipulating it with your mouse or on your smartphone by just moving the phone or by wearing a headset like the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard or a Samsung or other VR headset.

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360 Video and Virtual Reality (VR) was the main event of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show with corporate giants Facebook (Oculus Rift) and Google (YouTube) as well as camera companies such as Blackmagic, GoPro, 360fly, ALLie-brand 360  and Ricoh.

“With 360, viewers get to be completely engrossed, and go to places they’ve never been,” Andy Peacock, product head at camera start-up 360fly.

“It’s like everything else, you want to see everything, you want to hear everything,” says Matt Sailor, the CEO of ICrealtech.com

In a speech at CES YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl talked about how he saw VR would bring significant changes to viewing video on mobile.

“On YouTube, we made a big, early bet on 360-degree video because it is the first type of video that actually gives you a better experience on mobile than you can have on desktop or on your TV,” said Kyncl. “And since we know mobile video is exploding, formats that lend themselves to mobile storytelling will grow along with them.”
“We currently watch 1.5 hours a day of digital video, he said, compared to five hours daily for TV.  But he sees digital video surpassing TV within four years, with VR being a huge driver for the shift.

Kyncl went on to say that he felt that what was inhibiting the explosion of 360 Video with the average producer was the complications inherent in the process at this stage of the technology.

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We set up an “Immersive Video Lab” (360 Video | Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality)  on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where we are experimenting with newer ways to capture, stitch, stream and present the highest quality content at the most affordable price..

Also, we have acquired a building in Bergen County, NJ, to set up a demonstration space to show our clients the latest technology in the field.

This new cutting edge tech is in high demand by commercial video clients and producers.  We aim to be in the forefront of satisfying that demand while providing high quality product and within budget.