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Insider Secrets for Great Wardrobe for Green Screen

By Rosemary Ponzo


Through lots of experience in the industry, I have learned so much about what clothes look best on camera when shooting with a green screen.  I’m here to share my knowledge with you so that you too can know the secrets of making actors look as amazing as possible when filming!  The best wardrobe for green screen consists of solid muted colors.  There should be no reds, greens, bright whites, or blacks. The color black is tricky to light, so if you must use it, it is better to make it a layered look with some black.  You should also keep in mind that prints such as big stripes should be avoided.  They should be solid clothes with no visible labels or logos. Huge logos are distracting and irrelevant.  Keep the clothes simple for optimal appearance on screen. Prints, logos, and the like can be too overwhelming on camera.  All shades of blue are the best choices for wardrobe stylists and designers when choosing wardrobe for green screen and high definition.  This is one of the key colors for green screen for the Scarlet X Red Camera and the Alexa Camera (which are extremely high end and  high-definition cameras).  More and more shows are done in HD today, and the use of the color blue is paramount.  Watching the news and programs shot in high definition, you will see this to be true.  Because of time constraints on shoots, always use colors that you absolutely know will work so you’re not caught in the crossfire of having to run out during the shoot and replace a garment in very little time.  When this happens, it creates a lot of stress and tension on both the wardrobe stylist and the director and production crew.  Actors/actresses that bring their own clothing should always have muted blues and grays if they are supplying their own clothes for the shoot.

During Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Week, I stopped by Nautica and chatted with some of the models and the creative directors.  Nautica is a great design company, going on 30 years in the business. It is a very wearable, sellable clothing line that is also affordable. It is an all- American brand and the clothing can be worn by most body types.  Every actor and actress should purchase something from Nautica as a staple for their wardrobe.  They are American fitting garments for actors all over the country.  Nautica has been known over the years for using many blues in their collections.  Just by the name you can tell! I noticed a lot of wonderful textures and layering of wardrobe in their latest collection.  The line is timeless and classic because of the classic fabrics and color choices.  Most of the colors were multiple shades of blue,  all of which are very nice and easy on the eye.  I mentioned to the models that blue is the perfect choice for green screen shooting!  Check out this video of me interviewing the models and the creative team of Nautica to get a first hand look at Fall/Winter 2012 fashion.  For more information or to ask me any questions, you can reach me at [email protected] . //

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