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12 Why I Prefer Using the New 12 Channel Livestream Flypack for Sports Coverage

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VanessaBy Vanessa Ventura, Queen of Streaming Media.

I’m a total sports nut and keep loosing boyfriends because I act like I know more about sports than they do.  Which I almost always do.  At any rate, here I’m talking about covering sports video production with the LiveStream  12 Channel Flypack Streaming sports with the has become more and more popular.  The  gives you the advantage of 50% more camera inputs for events such as boxing, Mui Thai Kickboxing, basketball, baseball and even surfing The LiveStream 12 Channel Flypack is the most efficient and cost effective way to go.  Producers on a budget usually will usually pass on an extra camera along with the additional crew and concentrate on a great four camera shoot.

We use a Sony PMW 450 Professional 1080p Broadcast Cameras for most  shoots such as Mui Thai Boxing, college basketball, tennis, etc.   The Blackmagic 4.6 K Ursa Mini Pro is usually our choice for shoots wherte we want to archive in 4K and then WebCast in 1080P (nice having HD SDI out directly to the LiveStream Flypoack. In the best quality)


Our Sony EX1  and even our Sony EX3 cameras make a nice complimentary shooting unit for really tight budget Webcasts.  The last group would be for hand-held shots.

Generally, I don’t like a shoulder rig for hand holding the small Sony EX1 or sony EX3.  The EX3 is not my first choice if I nned to hand hold for long periods of time as I do with Mui Thai Boxing.

With studio shoots  budgets we’ll stay with our Sony EX3 as the A cam or possibly rent an additional F3 for complimentary close ups and use all three of our new Sony PMW 450’s as the other two cameras.

The beautiful, sharp prime lenses working with the super 35 chip in the new Sony F3 and FS100 give us spectacular footage and a great key on our green screen stage shoots.

So, for camera choices with the LiveStream Flypack  and sports  it’s a question of client’s budget,as well as how much hand holding is necessary and the look and feel desired.

The big super 35mm chips and primes with the Sony’s are great for the green screen stage and we prefer the wider depth of field and built in zoom lenses of the Panasonics for sports.

For instance I love being on the apron of the ring for Mui Thai boxing.  I can hand hold a Sony PMW 450 and lean into the ring to capture great action shots.. Up close and very personal.  In fact in an average evening of Mui Thai Kick Boxing I’m hit, punched, kicked or slammed into about four or five times.  But I developed the trick of holding onto the rope with my left hand and shooting with my right. Then I can quickly lean back and get me and my camera out of harm’s way.

Obviously I don’t always make it. As I get hit I try  leaning back then force of the blow is virtually nil.

The effect of having two very aggressive cameramen that close to the explosive Mui Thai  full contact martial arts, is incredibly exciting to watch.  The hand held Panasonic cameras allow my team to capture it in the most cinematic way possible.

But in on our green screen stage at the American Movie Company we prefer the Blackmagic Ursa miniSony F3 and twin FS100’s for the Tricaster 8000 shoots.

For single camera, non web streaming, non Tricaster shoots, we like our Red  Weapon and digi primes.

On the Tricaster side of the equation, the innovators at NewTek created the 3Play and Time Shift which allow the instant replay so vital to great sports coverage.

For more sports shooting tips  call me Vanessa Ventura at American Movie Co 212-219-1075

Tricaster 450 is the way to go!

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