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In addition to our usual wide coffee, tea and hot chocolate selection at AMC, we are now serving a wide variety of Starbucks coffees, including cappuccino, expresso and café latte.

We also offer the Starbucks Syrups to top off your favorite beverage.

Starbucks Espresso Roast is a special blend of beans from Latin America and Asia/Pacific darkly roasted to produce a rich and caramelly sweetness.

Because this dense, full-bodied brew has a stout taste that stands up against milk, it’s the perfect foundation for making a latte or cappuccino.

Here’s an interesting fact: Espresso was invented in Italy by an enterprising soul who was seeking a way to prepare coffee in less time, in order to serve commuters rushing to catch trains.  This is somewhat ironic when you think about it, because coffee lovers in Italy (and all over the world) now prefer to savor their espresso in long, slow sips.

Caffè Verona® is a seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian Roast, lending depth, soul and sweetness.

Because this delectable combination pairs so very well with chocolate, it has become a Valentine’s Day favorite – and the coffee we most associate with romance.  Bella, Bella!

P.S.:  Literature lovers out there will recognize Verona as the city where Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet.  Although the play ends in tragedy, we’d like you to know that every cup of this coffee has a happy ending.

Pike Place® Roast is as much a celebration of Starbucks history at the market as a heartfelt toast to our discerning clients. We created this blend to meet a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer it straight up or complemented with cream and sugar, we promise a bold, satisfying cup that’s rich in flavor yet balanced enough to enjoy every day.

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