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Great Green Screen Elements

Free Stock Footage

Animations for green and blue screen.

Best Action Green Screen Effects 2017

Note:  these may not be royalty free.  Please check before using!.  Most of the effects o this post are free.  I include the non ree so you can use them in private videos if you wish.

100 MIND BLOWING GREEN SCREEN effects pack special for commercial free use.

You can really have fun with all these. If you want to shoot on a professional green stage in new york city just go to the menu above and select the studio that suits your budget best.  Or simply click on the link. 

Great Animations for Digital Compositing

Free Animations: Elephants, Dinosaurs and more.

These are fun elements and can make a home video amazing.  Enjoy.  If you want to shoot on a professional stage, click here

Blue Screen Real Gun Shooting Effects

The interesting thing about blue screen is that it can be combined with a larger shot in a green screen studio.

2016 07 13 Green Screen Mix Girls Free

Real HD (BR 1080p) Quality Medical Helicopter and Pilots on Green Background (chroma key).

Helicopter pilots ready the helicopter, climb in & take off, flying out of frame. Includes In Use Sample during title screen. ~ FREE Video effects, Stock Footage & more @ ~ Check out our new suggested Video equipment & editing software @

Star Wars Green Screen Elements

Star Wars elements are always fun but be careful of copyright infringement.  There are best used for personal not commercial use.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Elements

For digital composition. Created through May of 2017

 Star Wars Compositing Effects

A variety of different elements you can use.

Darth Vader Animations

Free Star Wars Dancing Storm Trooper Animation

Office Reception Desk

Ten different views

A speeding car spins out of control and crashes into police car.

Fashion Show Footage

fashion Models walking toward  and away form camera.

Helicopter Crash, Transformer Car, Dragon, Zombie, Bomb Blast, Explosions, Robots, Fembots, Machine Gun Fire, Bullets, Missile Fire, Gun Fight, Lightning

Creepy Zombie Walk By

A group of ravenous zombies walks by camera.  Several different shots

Single Zombie walking and crawling.  Spooky!!!!

HD royalty free “scary female zombie” walking.

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