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Styling station with a chair and a refrigerator with water and snacks.


Our space is digital-friendly. Each piece of equipment was chosen for quality and reliability.


We have 1 GB of fiber optic internet with hard-wired and 5G cellular redundancy.

An idea?

Contact us for NYC film studio rental rates and availability.


Midtown Central rents three studios in Manhattan for small and large productions. 232 Madison Avenue is minutes from Penn Station and Grand Central.


Our studios have the newest production technology, and our skilled crew can help with all your needs. Teleprompters, green screens, HD and 4K cameras, lighting panels, and wireless audio devices are available. Separate control room for multi-camera live streaming in 4K and HD.


Hair and makeup station, Nespresso coffee machine, and fridge with water and snacks

We have room and equipment for photoshoots, commercials, music videos, and more.

Studio A



Studio A is great for a single camera and one or two speakers. This studio has a 100-inch 4K video wall and either a green screen or a seamless color background. It can be fully controlled from a distance if there are COVID worries.

This room is single-camera head-on optimized. Using a 4K camera, we can “punch in” on the shot without losing image quality.

Midtown Central

Studio B

Studio B is the best place for one to four speakers and several cameras. This studio is all white, and there are splashes of color from the RGB lighting.

Midtown Central
Midtown Central

Studio C

Studio C is a room with many uses. It is mostly used as a green room, but it can also be used as a live-shot studio.

As a studio, the room has a 70-inch 4K monitor, a 4K PTZ camera, and a switcher for single-person shots from the front. This is great for guests who are far away and SMTs.

As a green room, the space has comfy chairs, a Nespresso coffee maker, and a snack station that is fully stocked.

Midtown Central
Midtown Central

Available Equipment


1-3 camcorders (HD and 4K options available)

Panasonic Lumix EVA1, EVA, and EVA1S cameras


To wit: 16x1x1 LED panels with a bicolor design.

Dual 2-by-1-inch RGB LEDs.

A pair of 1×1 RGB LED panels.

There are three ETC Colorsource CYC v1.7 RGBI-L LED lights.


Sony, Sennheiser, and Tram microphones are used, and there are wired and wireless alternatives available.


Multi-mode IFB with cables and radio


Extra gear is available upon request.

Midtown Central
Midtown Central
Midtown Central
Midtown Central


Midtown Central
Midtown Central
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