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50′ LED Video Wall XR Virtual Studio


Our LED Video Wall is a vast, curving multi-panel display structure comprised of much smaller, high-pixel-density panels arranged to produce a single, enormous LED Video Display.

Larger, seamless, ultra-high-resolution displays are constructed using panels with no bezels that have been specially created. Each panel module is built with all the necessary hardware for connecting numerous units, including daisy chain power and video signal connections, to combine all the individual panels into a single huge array.

LED technology
LED technology

LED Wall for Car Shoot


Drive-in LED Video Wall Studio

In our facilities, we have hosted and produced Virtual Production shoots for numerous films over the past few years, building each wall from fresh to meet the client’s exact requirements. In addition, we decided to establish a permanent installation! This will allow us to eliminate pre-build days, drastically reduce costs, and create a virtual production wing replete with the necessary crew and Unreal Engine artists to create original content.

In conjunction with our debut, we are soliciting submissions for a flagship project that will be shot for free on our LED volume! This is our way of giving back to the creative community that we adore and showcasing the immense potential of this innovative technology.

The winning proposal will receive free use of the stage and LED wall and the cost of the staff required to operate the wall.


  • The video wall’s light can highlight the actors in a professional LED setting.
  • The LED Wall can be viewed as if one were physically present.
  • This expedites filmmaking and saves time and money by eliminating the need to set up, relocate, and adjust lighting repeatedly.
  • It creates flawlessly realistic illumination.
  • The camera may be moved on an LED Video Wall, unlike classic Green Screen technology.


Video Production

The term “virtual production studio” is frequently used to refer to the new form of video production that employs a large LED wall that curves around a center space for props, physical sets, and live actors. This area is commonly known as “The Volume.”

It was conceived by a production team led by producer and director Jon Favreau, who created the blockbuster streaming series The Mandalorian for Disney Plus.

  • Curved 180° LED wall: 50’ wide x 13’ high, 8k resolution wide
  • 1.9mm Pixel Pitch LED Screens
  • 10,000 sq ft facility
  • 4,000 sq ft soundproofed stage area
  • 40′ x 29′ × 13′ column-free corner cyc
  • 14′ ft to grid (17 ft to ceiling)
  • Dual-track, built-in green screen, and black infinity duvetyne curtains
  • 500 sq ft industrial shoot kitchen with stainless steel countertops
  • Industrial refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher
  • Voice Over booth
  • Hair And Makeup room with shampoo sink
  • Green room area with modern furniture
  • Two private restrooms
  • Silent HVAC and Hi-Speed Wifi (Fiber Optic Cable with1 GB up/down)
  • Two production offices



Our virtual production studio package includes the following:

  • Curved 180° LED wall: 50’ wide x 13’ high, 8k resolution wide
  • 1.9mm Pixel Pitch LED Screens
  • LED Engineer
  • 10,000 sq ft facility
  • Green room & HMU
  • Production offices
  • Soundproof voice-over booth
  • High-end shootable commercial kitchen
  • 4000 sq ft shooting area
  • 40’x29’ 2-wall cyclorama (green screen capable)
  • DMX-powered lighting grid throughout the stage
  • Stage manager
  • 10-hour day

Optional add-ons:

  • Resolume Server
  • Unreal Engine Media Server
  • Camera Tracking System
  • 20’ x 20’ adjustable height LED ceiling
  • Unreal or Resolume operator
  • Camera Tracking Engineer
Brooklyn Prime LEd Wall Kitchen

Fully functioning “Shoot-In Kitchen” included with the studio / wall rental.

Video Tour of the kitchen


  • In-house crew available for hire
  • Ground floor load in the drive-in studio
  • Dedicated 1GB/1GB Fios Internet
  • In-house lighting, grip & electric
  • Private green room and production
  • HVAC: 90 tons
  • Private green room & client lounge


Total light control (no windows)


In-house production supplies & expendables


Additional conference rooms and office spaces available


Have a production where you need a drive-in cyc?

With direct street-level access, our drive-in stages are easily accessible. Our studios are ideal for automobile shoots or large productions requiring a cyclorama. Even if you’re bringing the street inside, our massive sound-isolated elephant doors will shield your set from street noise.

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