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New Dua Lipa Music Video at American Movie Stages

Amazing Dua Lipa Water Tank Special Effects Shot at Brooklyn Mega Green Screen Stages


Dua Lipa “We’re Good” Music Video Special Effects and Green Screen Compositing

Brooklyn Mega Green Screen SFX Stage

Amazing Dua Lipa Water Tank Special Effects Shot at Brooklyn Mega Green Screen Stages

The above video as well as the one on screen right are examples of water splashing onto a Green Screen composited with a live action scene such as the one shot in our massive Brooklyn Mega Green Stage.





Creative Guidelines To Get The Most Out Of  Your Green Screen Stage Rental

 If you’re considering using our Brooklyn Mega Green Screen Sound Stage, here are several suggestions to make your production  more efficient.

MULTITASK: UTILIZE THE STAGE TO SHOOT MULTIPLE SHOTSWe suggest organizing your crew to work on different parts of the huge Green Screen area.  If one or more of the shots is MOS (Without sound)  you may be able to double or triple the productivity of your shoot day.


Non-essential production executives on the client side (suits) can often be more comfortable in our spacious Green Room where they can talk and make phone calls while watching the action on a huge video screen.  We have the tech to run a feed directly through the camera so they can see exactly what the main camera sees.  Note: you may not wish to be quite so generoua with information as then you may be flooded with “suggestions” you would rather not hear.  But, this is a way to make both your clients and your on-set DP and Line Production team happy.

And keeping your cast and crew and clients happy is key for a successful production.. Keeping clients, cast and crew happy requires a relatively tranquil environment, easy access to a relaxing green room, and healthy as well as “comfort food” craft service and lunch.

To make this happen most efficiently, give our studio manager a call ahead of time and he/she will review the amenities provided to your production. Check the site at the link above to see the comfortable and well equipped lounges and green rooms, spacious makeup rooms and kitchen spaces.


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