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How XR Virtual Studio Technology is Revolutionizing TV Production

Learn how to build up a virtual studio and how it helps broadcast expenses.

Minimizing costs

Less risk


Full control

What is a virtual studio?

A virtual studio is a stage where real actors or props can be mixed with computer-generated characters, backgrounds, or effects without being obvious. With the help of virtual studios, virtual crowds and billboards can be added to stadiums. Newscasters can also use virtual studios to record talent in real time anywhere, from ancient Rome to Mars. There are so many options!

XR Virtual Studio Technology 1

What are the advantages of virtual studio for television production?

Everything has changed now that we have a virtual studio. Cameras can now be followed, and game engines like Unreal Engine are powerful enough to render huge landscapes in real time. That means that multiple cameras can move across huge 3D scenes in 4K without making the background look flat or requiring any post-production. Using virtual studios has a lot of other benefits, such as:


Minimizing costs

If you want to move your shoot to Times Square, you can do so without having to pay extra for travel, special effects, or permission. Just use your virtual studio.


Less risk

Need to shoot a winter scene again with more lines of dialogue? No problem. With just a few clicks, you can easily get the same lighting and weather.


Full control

With a computer-generated environment, you can easily change the time of day or even the shape of the mountains to fit your creative vision. It won’t be a problem if you want a sunset to last for hours.


Final pixels can be captured on set

You’ll see how things turn out while you’re shooting. That means you can take on projects with shorter deadlines and deliver work without having to change out physical sets, which takes time and costs money.


Remote working is friendly

Virtual studios make it possible for people from all over the world to appear on a graphic overlay. You can also shoot from any place in the world.

Virtual studio
XR Virtual Studio Technology 2

How do you build a set for a virtual studio?

A virtual studio set is made up of several important technologies. These things are:

Green screens and/or LED panels

These can be straight or bent, and they can be as big or small as the production needs.

A real-world camera.

Cameras with large sensors offer good resolution and perform well in low light, or a hybrid camera can transform into a broadcast or cinema look with a LUT. You can design a custom appearance or duplicate an existing one.

Camera tracking systems

These will be put on top of the real-world camera, and as it moves, they will track it and translate it into 3D space.

Real-time content and compositing software

The Zero Density Reality Engine is a real-time, node-based broadcast compositing system that is directly linked to the Unreal Engine graphics engine.



How is virtual studio technology enhancing the capabilities of broadcast creatives?

Music videos

Artists can get creative in a virtual studio by adding audience members to a recording of a live show.

Virtual Studio
XR Virtual Studio Technology 3

Original Series on Netflix

Using technology from a virtual studio to make projects with impressive visuals. For example, you could start animations like turning the page or closing the book. Each one could be seen and changed while the show was being recorded.

Virtual events

A virtual studio helps clients put on impressive corporate events from a distance.

Virtual Studio
Virtual Studio

Talent shows

It was just as important for the show to start off well as it was for it to look great. The Reality Engine-powered virtual studio gave us the power and dependability we needed to do a great job.


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