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Live Streaming Video Production Nashville


WebCasting Service Nashville


Call Bill Milling at 917-414-5489

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For further details about WebCasting and to schedule your event please call:

Bill at 917-414-5489 or

Jocelyn at 646-617-6535


You may also reach them by email: or

Eric - WebCasting technician


Moved to Nashville last year to pursue my singing career.  Rather than being a waiter, I am working on the periphery of the music business as both a Teleprompter Operator and a WebCasting technician.  It’s been quite amazing.  On an actual job WebCasting performances by aspiring artists i met my agent.  Good things are happening!

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WebCasting at the Grand Ole Opry!  We’ve arrived!  We’re in talks with various prominent artist whose performances will be recorded and shared with millions of music lovers around the world.

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