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You’ve got the watch, you’ve got the Air pods and now making its way to consumers in the near future… glasses!

Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses might be dropping as early as this coming Spring and they’ll most likely be a slick fashion statement.

This is according to a TF International Securities Analyst with a solid record of Apple’s next moves. So, it’s still a rumor but it’s something super futuristic and cool and we should talk about what to expect.

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The glasses would be advertised as an accessory to the iPhone acting mostly as a display.  Honestly, it sounds more efficient in thinking of what kind of hardware we’d like to lug around on our heads. I’m glad that we can, at least, count on Apple to still make things stylistically accessible.

VR/AR glasses are most certainly still a work in progress and the models that exist such as the Oculus Go or Google Glass aren’t yet the kind of commercial product we’d see joining the mainstream. The idea is there, and if Apple wants to jump in with a model that is a more adaptable design that we can pair with our other Apple devices, then so be it. Who am I to tell our beloved tech overlords what we need next?

It makes sense that Apple would make their VR/AR glasses work as a display for the iPhone, the computer that they’ve spent all this time updating, developing, and refining, that we all own and are obsessed with. Having recently acquired the Air Pods, giving in to my rumble with the idea that Apple may be taking over my life, they’re actually quite nice.

So maybe I don’t mind that they keep making these slick high quality products. The glasses working as a display are to ensure that they’re slim and light, avoiding the computer chip overloads.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has a vision of an Augmented Reality world where people treat their headsets as somethings that adds information to their view. Unlike Virtual Reality where the idea is that the user is immersed in a completely virtual world. These new glasses look as though they’ll compromise that aspect for something that we can all get into.

Strangely enough I can’t stop thinking that the writers of Black Mirror are time travelers. Since this looks like a stepping stone for a greater use of augmented reality technology among the population, which is the whole premise of the show.

So if I’m getting this right, the idea is that you can simultaneously interact with others and engage with the Augmented Reality screen, which could be anything that comes up on your phone now regularly. Like some futuristic receptionist that can look up your appointment without losing eye contact, but we both know what’s really going on.

Tim Cook isn’t a fan of the thick, heavy, VR glasses. When it’s an experience completely isolated from our own reality then there is a barrier between how we talk and how we use this technology, a limitation that VR proposes, which AR is aching to solve. And also, Apple is known for its user friendliness, so naturally they’re drawn to making their products accessible (not monetarily, of course, but in terms of usability they’re winning).

In simple terms, Apple is looking at AR as way to link all of our digital experiences with the way we communicate. Although, that’s kinda already the case, with iPhones, iPads, the Watch, Apple TV and MacBooks already in there conversing with each other. But I guess it wouldn’t be the future if the screen isn’t designed to fit right in front of your pupil.

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Augmented Reality, my friends, Tim from Apple says, is where it’s at!

Apple has been methodically making moves into the developing AR world, using iPhones to peek in and feel it through. There’s something on knowing how to use your assets to test a new technology before coming right out with a new device.

There’s even a series of tools for developers to quickly develop AR apps, such as Pokemon Go, for example. But these people at Apple take cautious steps, let me tell ya’, they’ve yet to launch anything in AR that could break away from the iPhone. A good idea, if you ask me. Build from what you’ve got.

However, even if Wiz Khalifa is advertising them, there’s yet to be wide popular success with these sorts of headset devices. There’s hype, though.

Many of my animator friends have been working on developing worlds and even virtual galleries, which is to say that there is a lot of interest amongst the rising youth in design and technology.

One of my friends, 3D scanned his meals for weeks and made a virtual reality stomach-type world with swimming sardines and half bitten pizza. It was cool and gross to experience that in VR and while using the Facebook 360 viewer.

The one that worked on a virtual gallery to showcase art pieces, is more on the realm of Augmented Reality. It is possible to imagine that markets could live mostly digitally these days, it’s practically where this is all heading.

So maybe the lack of popularity among these products is due to their general novelty and Apple could be ready to bring AR into the norm.  I’m willing to believe it, since these people at Apple have a tendency to baffle us with their elegant designs.

Although, what if people don’t want to wear some cyber robot looking glasses, anyway?
We will see.

AR Glasses But Make It Fashion: Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses Are Coming!

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