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Virtual Soccer Stadium

With  Real Teams & Crowds

Live Soccer Match Composited In Real Time 

With a Previously Shot Audience of Cheering Fans

Soccer Match Live Compositing  

Due to COVID-19, soccer fans are not able to crowd into stadiums to enjoy their favorite sport.

While the teams are still eager to compete, the vision of empty stands makes the matches far less exciting.

We have the technology to solve this.

We can composit previously filmed soccer fans into a 4K virtual stadium and combine that live with an actual soccer match in real time.  

Thus, the camera would capture the players and our hardware/software solution would insert an audience of cheering fans into the shot for broadcasting in real time.

This is state-of-the art technology.

  • But it’s not experimental.
  • We combine real actors into photoreal 4K/3D virtual sets.
  • We would create a virtual stadium to match the actual one.
  • Then we shoot hundreds of actual soccer fans on one or more of our 25 Green Screen Stages.
  • Our VFX team uses software to turn hundreds of fans into tens of thousands.
  • The fans are inserted into the 3D/4K stadium.
  • In the actual match the main camera covers the playing field and the players.
  • In real time our tech combines the cheering fans and live players into a single moving image.
Virtual Soccer Stadium with Real Teams and Crowds 1

We recently used this technology for Universal Pictures to create a 4K big screen movie for the billion dollar + Jason Bourne ride at Universal Orlando.

As we are under NDA, we are not able to send video of the Universal / Jason Bourne footage until the park re-opens.

However, any of your staff can see the amazing Bourne footage as well as many other examples of this process at our NYC studio.

We can even do a live demonstration.

The video on the next page demonstrates both the high photo-real quality of our 4K virtual sets as well as the way we seamlessly combine live actors into the scene.

Until now, virtually all high quality Green Screen shots involving a moving camera were composited in post-production in a process called “cameramatch move”.

Our process changes all that.

We shoot and composit moving actors into a 3D environment with a moving, zooming, panning camera… in real time

While most digital audience technologies use digital actors… we don’t.

Digital soccer fans look… well, digital.

We film real people in a Green Screen environment.

A client requested us to insert real people into their CAD plan for a mall which had not yet been built in Paris.

The following video shows our ability to film real people and combine them with the client’s virtual environment. This was ten years ago.  We’re much better now.

Who are we?

We are The American Movie Company, LLC in a long time partnership with Jett Sets, Inc.

Virtual Soccer Stadium with Real Teams and Crowds 2
Virtual Soccer Stadium with Real Teams and Crowds 3

Bill Milling: American Movie Company Owner – Short Bio

Bill is the Emmy Award® winning producer of the NBC series “Unicorn Tales” (winner of 18 Emmy Awards, and the prestigious Action For Children’s Television Award®).

  • Bill is the writer/director of over twenty feature films. He recently produced a Live Actor/Virtual set movie scene for Universal Pictures
  • He was the New York production executive/production supervisor on a host of major motion pictures including: “The Mortal Instruments”  “Lucky Number Slevin”, “Third Miracle”, “Senseless”, “54”, and “The Late Shift”.
  • Bill produced content for virtually every major TV series including “30 Rock”, “Gossip Girl”, “CSI NY”, “Dexter”, “The West Wing”, “Mad About You”, “Friends”, “Will & Grace”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Conviction”, “The X Files”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Smallville”, and “Without a Trace”.
  • Bill is a former president of Sigmax, Inc. a Japanese/American film and TV production/distribution company.  Sigmax remade major Japanese motion pictures in the US in English and dubbed hundreds of hours of Japanese animation into English and Spanish.  Bill oversaw the North American creation, marketing and distribution of that content.
  • His extensive documentary experience (over 96 countries) includes  the IMAX feature “The Living Planet” and being co-director and co-cameraman of the CNN documentary “Beneath The Southern Ocean”  FIBEX (First International Biomass Expedition into The Antarctic).

Joe Jett – Bio

Joe Jett is a 35 year veteran in the television industry. He is a member of the DGA and has also won several awards including an Emmy award.


He worked for 30 years in entertainment. This includes sports, soap opera and industrials for such companies as A & E, MTV, CBS, NBC as a director, tech manager and consultant. Joe works with Sesame Street and WWE and travels abroad as a consultant.


He currently operates Jett Sets in NYC which specializes in virtual and augmented reality design, implementation and production.  Most recently Jett Sets shot a video for Universal Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.

Purchase and Training Costs: The Technology

Purchase of VR render engine, 1 camera tracking solution, associated peripheral equipment.

  • On site set up and training for daily use.
  • Consultation, graphic build for use at stadiums.

European market: (Specific location TBA)

*Payout for render engine. (supercomputer), license, camera tracking, training, support, equipment.

Render engine, associated peripheral equipment $115,000

Camera tracking solution: $37,000

Consultation, graphic build: $19,000

On site costs (setup): $25,000

-Config design, assembly


-Calibration of lenses

Total: $196,000

The “Live” Soccer Fans In the Stadium

Filming soccer fans and digitally inserting them into the stadium.

  • Green Screen Stage Rental: – One Week  $12,000
  • Video Crew: DP, Gaffer, Grip, Wardrobe, PA – One Week  $10,050
  • Production Crew: PM Coordinator – 5 weeks $8500
  • Digital Artist Team + 5 Computer Graphic Stations: – 4 weeks  $33,000
  • Line Producer: 6 Weeks $30,000
  • Casting & Actor Costs: $18,300

Total $111,862

Total Cost Estimate:

  • Creation of Virtual Stadium
  • Filming and Digital Compositing of Fans
  • Purchase of Hardware / Software Per Camera
  • Inserting and Calibrating Lens Profile Into Supercomputer
  • All Consultation and Tech Support

Total Cost:  $307,862

Time Frame: 6 Weeks

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